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    Can I place a Word document with images in InDesign CC?

    mortyfromqueens Level 1

      Dear Community—Can I place a Word document with images in InDesign CC?


      Having been spoiled by always doing my own typesetting and layout, and presently

      having an InDesign page-layout person attempt my book, I went back to Sandee Cohen's

      InDesign CC Visual Quickstart Guide hoping I can learn what I need to know.

           I'm posing this question before really getting into InDesign CC book because my Word doc of the book

      I carefully designed with 140 photos and other images incorporated in it.

      Naturally I would hope I can place it in InDesign that way, and not text first, followed by visuals.


      If I may add something that may or may not matter in context of my question,

      I'd just like to say that I published my The Spirit That Moves Us poetry and fiction press

      from 1975 to 2000 beginning with sending camera-ready copy to the printer from a

      table-top Composer with 8K memory, and later on using QuarkXPress 4 (it's now up to 100)

      which I tried with my present book that I inadvertently came to take on at age 80, but found impossible.

      InDesign was recommended to me by several people and I'm happy to have it.


           Thank you,

           Morty Sklar

           Jackson Heights, Queens, N.Y.C.