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    Tracking keeps stopping, Why???

    Mr Seaniepie Level 1

      I have several 2k video clips (prores422) to track, standard motion tracker. For some reason in the latest version of After Effects it keeps stopping/freezing every 2-20 frames. I have to manually kick start it again by pressing stop then start it going again. It might do 1 or 2 more frames or perhaps up to 20 or so. It's incredibly frustrating now having gone through this for about 40+ clips of 1000+ frames each. Anyone think of any reasons for it. Apple Mac Book Pro, 16GB, 2TB cache space, Caches cleaned, started fresh.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is a bug in the latest release that can be easily overcome. Here's the procedure.


          Start at the head of your clip.

          1. Set Stabilize Motion or Track Motion and start tracking. You don't even have to set a track point, just run the tracker.
          2. When the tracking slows down and stops stop tracking
          3. Press the U key to reveal the keyframes and the tracker
          4. Select Track 1 and delete it
          5. Start again, this time selecting your points

          The tracker should run just fine


          If it doesn't, try the process again but start in the middle of the clip and track backwards. I've only had to do this once.

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            Mr Seaniepie Level 1

            Thanks Rick. Your method made no difference but did highlight more of the issue diagnostics further. It definitely seems to be something to do with cached frames. I've now tested this over and over to be sure by clearing the image cache, trying a track and it gets no more than 10-20 frames. Heres my new workaround that works every time assuming you are tracking forwards:


            1. Clear the image cache
            2. Create a motion tracker and adjust its placement/settings
            3. Press 'B' then Shift-1
            4. Make sure Preview is set up for Work Area only and From Current Time (Although this is a bug in the current CC15.3 and ignores the Work Area range and plays from the beginning regardless)
            5. Start a ram preview until it loops then stop it
            6. Press '1' to go back to the marker
            7. Start forward tracking. This will keep going till about 10 (±10) frames after the cached frames
            8. Once it has stopped, stop the track then repeat from step 3
            9. Keep going till you finish your track.


            900 frames took me 3 goes on a 16GB machine with coaching set to high priority and Ram available to AE set to 13GB. Pixel dimensions will have a bearing on this.

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              ThaiBear Level 1

              Mine stops or crashes.

              My PC usually doesn’t have a problems with running programs but affter effects tracking is a problem.

              I have spent the last 13hours trying to get a track on a clip.


              The machine is a 10 core, I7 6950X 3ghz with 128gigs of DDR4 3100

              3 gtx1070’s with 8gigs of ram each.  I’m booting off a 1tb SSD with 250gig cash. 24tb of spinning hard disks.


              I bought all all that to make Lightroom work like version 4 again. It help a little until this latest 2018cc version came out.  (thank you for giving me back Lightroom!!)


              aftereffects is ok ok with some of its features but some like tracking Is really un usable Unless you can pass on your work to your children when you die. They might get it rendered out before they retire. Hey that is sarcastic but it’s 3:48am and I just wasted another few hours on my last attempt   I’m just trying to put some labels on the ground ib a scene.

              its a complicated camera motion granted, a drone shot rising from ground level to 60 meters keeping fixed on a target. 

              I am guess now that Adobe after effect can’t make that happen?