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    New silent pc for AE/PREMIERE PRO


      Hi . I am a young at 22 years who wish to make a silent pc to use at AE/PREMIERE PRO with only FULL HD (video) and I request your advice. I wish to make a silent pc and run fans at ~500 rpm and I seach my componets who have low TDP for to can run fan at low rpm. For this reason, in general, avoid a GTX970 video card as we know it is better, but I do not think it can stay cold and silent and a cpu like 6700K (same reason)


      Components who I selected (may change) are:


      CPU : I5 6500 3.2 ghz stock speed - 4 core - (with hyper 212 evo and thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste)

      GPU : 750TI 2GB (with artic mono plus cooler and thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste)

      RAM : 32GB

      SSD : 2X 256GB 850 EVO (1 for windows and programs and another for media cache and all another files)






      1) For GPU, I see a 750ti model who have 4gb vram. Do you think it would help me ? In what extent ?

      2) In general, are this 750ti capable to run playback and run smooth in video editing (I am reffering about editing itself, without randering time) ? Where I feel that limits me ? Please explain some examples to understand better.

      3) For ram what limit can I feel vs a user who have 64gb ? In what case I will feel stuttering because is too low quantity of ram ?

      4) For this components,it would help a m2 ssd like 951/950 nvme/ahci ? How much it can help in my case ?


      I wish your reply and any possible guidance/recommendations.