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    XP/Vista: Flash PPAPI plugin doesn't work in Opera and Chromium


      After flash updated to version PPAPI plugin stop working in all Chromium based browsers (except Chrome, because Chrome use integrated PPAPI version Chromium based browsers (Chromium 49, Opera 36) on flash content show message "couldn't load plugin."

      In IE and Firefox Flash plugin work fine (and Chrome too because use 22 ppapi plugin version).

      I replace pepflashplayer32_23_0_0_162.dll to ppapi dll version from Chrome and Chromium based browsers start showing flash content again.

      Please fix PPAPI dll. This trouble stole 3 hours of my time.


      OS: Windows XP SP3 32bit

      Browsers: Opera 36, Chromium 49


      <moderator:  Edited title to more accurately reflect issue>

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