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    Dreamweaver - Video Phone Responsive Problem




      I've made this website www.thebooktheworldwrote.com on Dreamweaver.


      The animation plays. Works fine on web/ i pad.  May take a moment to load.
      On my Android phone a black box loads and no animation.


      2 questions.


      Is there any way to get rid of this black box for phone so that the animation actually plays. (it may just be android)
      I've read from the forums that uploading to you tube may be a possibility. But the beauty of the video is that it looks more like an animation than a video. Having you tube and like a play button etc ruins the effect. I just want the plain video with no play buttons or whatever.


      If it is impossible to get this video mobile friendly, in that case is it possible that i keep the video animation for the web and use different content on the phone.
      I think this is possible on Muse ? where you can hide certain items across breakpoints ?


      Is this possible on Dreamweaver?


      I don't mind using Muse. The reason I'm using dreamweaver is to get the amazon animation that comes in at the end of the animation (at 60 seconds). I couldn't get the animation on muse. If someone can tell me how to get the delayed fade in animation on Muse i can return to that.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot !!


      To summarise, how can this video be made mobile friendly!!