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    Workspaces not transferring when updating

    kalamazandy Level 1

      We ALL use dual monitor setups. Every place I've worked in the past 15 years have used dual monitor setups. They can't be That uncommon, right?


      Every time the software updates, my workspaces are gone. So I have to setup a new workspace. (also the newer workspace tabs are much worse than before, especially in AfterEffects).


      One, I'm not sure why they don't just Have a dual monitor setup. Any tool I have open should be on a second monitor so it doesn't take up any space on my main.

      But from version to version, my workspace shouldn't just disappear.


      Is everyone getting this?


      if that's just happening because they've changed the way it works, Adobe should at Least remember which windows I wanted open, so I can just re-dock them where I want. Don't just Delete it!