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    opening/downloading of linked files with in a pdf


      I have created a interactive PDF that has links to adobe illustrator files on my server.


      I have created the PDF in InDesign and created hyperlinks to each of the corresponding .ai files.


      The issue I am having is that some of the links open as I hoped in adobe illustrator. However on another page the file is downloaded through a web browser.

      When I right click the links in the PDF it states that those that are downloaded are web links and the others are just links.


      Even through all the links have been set up in the same way, I am surprised that they are acting so differently. I have tried across a second computer it seems to work fine, I have tried the very same links and it just opens the file in the relevant software rather than downloading it. I imagine there is a problem with the way the links have been set up, but not sure where/how or whether it might be a acrobat settings thing.


      Any helpfully tips will be appreciated,