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    Indesign document won't open and crashes indesign

    mariag18289251 Level 1

      I was working on an indesign file yesterday, ALL DAY. I made a pdf, checked it, then realised I had some amends to make before I sent it back to the client. I remade the pdf, at which point it kept spinning as if it was making the pdf but it never finishes. This is something that happens often and usually I force quit, even though it never says it's not responding, it's the only way I can get it to stop trying to make a pdf. Then I open up and try again, this time it wouldn't open at all, gave me the message below

      Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 09.34.52.png

      Then I get the spinning wheel. I've tried opening it on other machines, I've tried running the recovery script, I've cleared my preferences, updating Indesign CC, updated the Mac OS. I've tried finding that the recovery data folder but I'm not entirely sure what you do once you find that recover folder... Nothing works. It also leaves some sort of residue because afterwards Indesign can freeze up and crash even if I don't touch the corrupt document. It does this on other machines too.


      Any help with this would be great, I have lost an entire days work and a cover illustration.