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    Working with photos and text in a yearbook style document


      I am working on a professional society membership book. We have over 900 members and list pertinent information about them (name, contact info, etc.) along with a photograph. I inherited this project from a previous employee who set it up as one long text box, split into two columns on each page with photos next to the columns. What I am hoping to do is connect the photos to the specific individual so that when a new member is added I do not have move upwards of 900 photos up/down a space so the photo corresponds with the text information. It is extremely time consuming to do this and we have new members all the time. Is there way to set up these pages so that the text and photos are connected and will move up or down on the page as information/photos are added or removed. Thank you in advance.


      [Image removed by forum moderator. Are you sure all these individuals want to have their names, photos, and personal information on a public web site?]