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    Keywords have disappeared


      I have the latest Mac which I use in conjunction with an EISO monitor.  I have 24,000 mostly RAW photos.  I recently took 1,500 photos on a trip to Europe which I imported into LR and applied keywords, as is my usual practice.  When developing the latest photos I noticed that all the keywords on all the previous photos, all 22,000 of them, have lost their keywords and face names.  The latest photos still have the keywords I applied after importation.  I have searched everywhere, but  when looking in Collections, there are 22,000 photos without keywords, so I'm assuming they are 'gone'.....


      Before I left to go away I performed a complete separate backup onto a Drobo HD.  When importing the new photos, I copied them onto a separate Lacie HD, so I have these as well as the Time Machine backups which has the corrupt data on it as well as the older correct data.  I don't know when the keywords were lost, so cannot pinpoint a date to go back to find the correct data TM backup.


      I am an 'older' user, so not as savvy as some young ones, but have a reasonable competency with technology.  I would appreciate any help I can get on this matter.  Thank you.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Open a recent catalog backup and see if the keywords are in there. Keep going back in time, opening earlier catalog files, until you find the keywords.

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            kerriej48150708 Level 1

            Thank you VERY much for your prompt reply.  I downloaded LRcat backups until I found the problem, or what I suspect was the problem.


            I bought a new iMac earlier this year and transferred my data across.  To make a long story short, over the space of 1 week, the Mac had 60 kernel panics (kept stopping and starting) and corrupted my Drobo backup.  When presented with the problem computer, Apple issued me with a new computer immediately and I was given the contact details of 2 senior technicians here and in Singapore to contact to try and recover my lost/misplaced/corrupted data.  It has taken many, many hours but things seemed normal until my discovery of the lost keywords.


            I fear they are now lost forever and I will have to re-enter them.  I do have the metadata which gives me a good starting point and I can be very dedicated and patient when I am compelled to, as evidenced when reconstructing things with the Apple technicians.  It took weeks of work.  Apparently no-one else has ever has 60 kernel panics (or so they say, I am not at all sure what they are exactly) before.  At one stage, all was lost, but we managed to get the photos back and it certainly tested even the most senior people out.


            If you can think of anything else I would appreciate your input and once again, thank you so much for your help.  I have been on a very large learning curve!


            Kind regards

            Kerrie Jordan