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    Recovering movie


      I am using Adobe Premiere element 14. For unknown reason the access to the working disk has been forbidden. But I have been done a save of all the data on another disk. How to recover the data on this new disk? Presently the system try to read the old adresses of the data

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean when you say " I have been done a save of all the data on another disk"? What did you move and how?


          Where on your computer is your project file (.prel)?


          Where are all of the media files for this project? Are they in a single folder on your hard drive or are they in several folders?


          Where were the original files located? On your main hard drive? On an external drive?


          Where are they now?

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            gebocarm Level 1

            Hi Steve,




            Thanks for your interest in my painful problem. In fact you have already help me succesfully as I was starting with Adobe Premiere.




            In this case here is what happend :




            1.       My Adobe software is in my C : /programmes/Adobe/Adobe Premiere. When I am lauching the programme I am getting the standard screen


            2.       In order to have the data not on the same disk, I was using an external disk called K :


            3.       On K : was videos, photos, tracks of sound etc … i.e. all the elements I wanted to edit in my new movie


            4.       Three days ago everything was going ok and I have closed the software at the end of the day


            5.       The next day I tried to go on my disk K : and it was not accessible … and I realized that all my movie data where there


            6.       Then my son, better than me in computing has been able to see that the data were on K : but readable, therefore he was able (through a specialized software) to copy a disk image of K : This was done on another disk named B :


            7.       Hopefully before the close (see point 4) I have done a save of the file containing all the data used for this movie (including the file « Premiere » and the fiels with pictures etc )


            8.       On the disk B : I therefore have a) the save of the data done on point 7 and b) the restore file called Toshiba which include the disk image of the disk K : . But starnge enough on the file Toshiba I have the date but NOT the file «  Premiere »




            This is for the story of event. Now to answer your questions :




            1.       My project file is on B : within the file « Premiere »


            2.       The copy of the media files is on B :. One main file Called « Montage Film » containing several sub-files for videos, photos, sound etc (4 sub-files)


            3.       The original files where on K : (not visible anymore) but now a copy on B :




            Now, when I am opening Adobe Premiere, I see the file of the video I want to edit (*.prel). But when I ask to open it, all the movie structure appears correctly but the videos/photos can not be seen.




            I have the feeling that Adobe has lost the link to the data. The question obviously is « is it possible to re-establish them again » ?




            I hope that I have been as exhaustive as possible and that there is a possibility to solve this multi-hours project




            In any case, a great « merci » for your help





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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'd recommend you try moving all of your project and media files to your C drive rather than on an external drive. The fact that these are on an external drive seems to be at the root of your problems.


              In the old days, when computers were slower, you got a big boost from having your project and media files on a second hard drive. But, with most modern (i5 and i7) computers, that's no longer necessary. And, in any event, keeping your media on an external drive won't give you any performance advantage.


              I assume you've got a moderately powerful computer and plenty of space on your hard drive.

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                gebocarm Level 1

                Hi Steve,




                Even by using all my past files altogether on one disk doesn’t solve my problem.




                On Adobe I was getting all the movie structure without the images, therefore I was able to recover one of the movie bye recharging all photos et videos thanks to their number. Fastidious work to be done one by one.




                For my second movie I have edited sequences of another original movie. Therefore I am not able to « guess » which sequence to be replace (all of them are showing the name of the original movie. A painful process and guess in front of me.




                In fact that’s the second time that I am facing this type of major problem, and each time Adobe was in the loop ! Strange

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  If moving your project file and your media files to an internal or your C drive is not resolving the issue, I am not sure what to recommend.