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    Incompetent support costs me 35% extra money every month!


      Hello dear community! It is my first topic here, so I apologise if I do smth wrong.


      I was happy user of photography plan during last few months and it costed me 8.80€ every month. I got this price during sale last spring.

      I have decided, that I would like to use some additional apps and started to search for any other plan. Student offer was great for me! I have not found any restrictions about region. And when I chose my region (Estonia) this offer (plan) still appears where it supposed to be. So my logical conclusion was, that I can get it as a student in my country.

      But I already had photography plan and decided to ask help with changing plans from support chat. This kind guy was agree to cancel my photography plan without cancelation fee if am ordering the new one. Before this cancelation I have mentioned, that I am NOT from USA, but his answer was: no problem.

      So my "good price" photography plan was cancelled and I have started ordering the student plan. Then immediately got an error, that it is not available for Estonia. I was upset, but thought: ok, then I will try to do all my things in Photoshop and will change plan later. But I have already lost my photography plan and can not restore it anymore! This support guy said smth like: you should find reseller in your country! It was like... WHAT???

      Then was chatting with local (Estonian) 'kinda' Helpdesk, who was able to do absolutely nothing.

      Then the second chat support guy said, that I am still able to get this student plan if I will call sales support. I had no opportunity to call, so I have found sales support chat, where I got answer, that student plan is not available for my country.

      For my question about how I can get my photography plan for the price I had before contacting "support", I got answer smth like "oops sorry, pay the full price now".


      So... dear community, I know that it looks like pure complaining, but I need you support or explain me where I am wrong... Should I really now pay the full price for photography plan (11,99€) or there is any chance to get student plan or photo plan for my "old" price?


      Thank You All!