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    Converting equations from pdf to Word

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      I created a pdf document using LATEX. I need to convert it to word so a non-latex user can edit the text.


      Starting with my pdf file, Adobe Acrobat is doing a fine job converting Tables, Figures, and format using the "export to Word". However about half of the equations are poorly converted. They turn out very garbled. I don't need the equations to be editable in Word.I just want them to show up readable. I think a good work around would be to leave the equations as images within the Word document, and just convert the text of the document. Is it possible to mark the equations in Acrobat so that Acrobat does not try to actually read them during the conversion? I am hoping I could mark them as figures or images.


      Thank you.

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          You can do one thing:

          Open your files in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and go to edit mode and select the equation text box and right click and choose Edit using > Adobe illustrator. An illustrator will open with that equation now select that equation in illustrator and right click on it and choose Create outline and press save (Ctrl+S), close illustrator and go to Acrobat and now you can export to ms word it will shows up or act like as an images but not text (when you select the equation in ms word it already converted to images or shape. See the images (just an example)


          1. Select your desire text with the edit tool and right click and choose Edit Using>Adobe Illustrator



          2. Illustrator will open up now you can select the text and right click and choose Create outlines. After that save your file and close the windows



          3. Now export your file to ms word. You will find the result when ms word will open up


          Hope this will helps



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