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    Confusion with data sources / recordsets..??

    Angell EYE Level 1

      I used to use Dreamweaver very heavily.  It's been quite some time, though, and now I'm loading up an old project that was entirely developed "the Dreamweaver way" with recordsets and the use of extensions like WebAssist eCart.


      I've opened up Dreamweaver CC 2015.3 and I'm not finding anything about Server Behaviors anywhere like I was expecting.  When I open my pages that have recordset data on them, or eCart data, etc. I don't see any windows anywhere showing me that data the way I used to see.


      I did a quick search in the Help docs and it says I should see a Bindings panel under Window -> Bindings, but I do not have Bindings.  Not sure why..?? 


      I did some more digging and found a thread where it said I had to install some extension, and it points me to a path for Windows Vista / Windows 7:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Configuration\DisabledFeatures


      I'm on Windows 10, though, and I don't have a DisabledFeatures folder at the path suggested. 


      I'm also confused why that would be an extension at this point..??  Recordsets was one of more powerful features of Dreamweaver (I thought).  How am I supposed to setup my database connections and create and manage database data now? 


      More importantly, how can I get my old project working the same way it used to?


      Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!