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    How to SEND the beutiful email-html I have done i DW?

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      I have designed a responsive html-email in Dreamweaver and tested it in different browsers, iPhone, iPad etc.It looks great and Im happy. But now I want to send it but cant! Om my mac I  open the e-mail-html-page in Safari and select "send as email". It opens the html-email in a new email and everything is in a row to the left side. It look something like this:
















      On my PC, in Outlook, I create a new mail and import the html-page and there everything is also to the left (but not every letter as on my mac". It does NOT look as when I tested it in differnt browsers.

      I have also tryed to send the default responsive html email template in Dreamweaver (without modifying anything in it), but It also alignes left in the mail.


      So, now when I created a butiful responsive email in dreamweaver. How to send it???


      Thank y


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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Making an HTML email isn't the same thing as making a webpage. Many email clients strip out or ignore certain code (like most <head> items and embedded CSS). You may have created a beautiful page that functions correctly in all of the browser, but will never function correctly in multiple email clients. It all depends on your code.


          Some things that may help you...


          1. Use table based layouts. I know, it sounds horribly wrong, but simple nested table based layouts display much more consistently cross-client in html emails
          2. Use simple inline css if you can't use an html attribute to do the same thing. Nothing should be in the <head> of the page, it gets stripped out by several email clients. Many css attributes simply won't work, so if there's an html equivalent, us it instead
          3. Lots of html text, few images. Most email clients are set to block images by default. If your email is image heavy, you may not reach anyone with anything other than a "For security reasons, images were not downloaded" message.
          4. Don't send it yourself if you have a large list, you'll get your email address blacklisted as a spammer. Use an email service like constantcontact.com or icontact.com if you have a list of more than maybe 100-200 addresses


          There are other items that need to be addressed, but those are the big ones. The email services have templates you can use that have been tested and refined for best results across a wide swath of email clients. Until you have the "how-tos" of html emails down, it may be better to use the available templates before doing the layout yourself.

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            iaa6363746 Level 1

            I know. That was not my question. Dreamweavers default html email template gets croped when it sends in e-mail.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Likely due to #2 from my post above, but to see what might be happening in your page, we would need to see all of the code.


              Could you copy/paste all of your code to the forum?


              Don't use an email reply to paste the code, it won't come through.


              One of the Mac users here should be able to tell you which part of the DW code is causing Apple Mail to go batty. Since Outlook uses Word's rendering engine, I wouldn't expect just about any html email opened within it to look like it does in a browser.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                <How to SEND the beutiful email-html...>


                Use an industry tested HTML email template.

                Below is an excerpt from my article on HTML Emails & Newsletters.

                HTML E-Mail & Newsletter Blasts - http://alt-web.com/


                "Most server hosts, ISPs and web e-mail providers like G-mail put limits on how many messages you can send per minute/per hour/per day. If unsure, check with your provider before you send a blast. You wouldn't want to violate your Terms of Service Agreement .  


                At a minimum, you'll probably need a dedicated bulk e-mail sending software like PIMEX MailExpress (for Win only) or R10BatchMail (Win & Mac) that sends mail in short blasts spread out over time. If your list is larger than 20,000 names or you can't wait to send out all your e-mails, the use of an e-mail service such as Campaign Monitor, iContact, MailChimp or Constant Contact is highly recommended."



                Nancy O.