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    Loading SWF containing XML to JPG files

      I was wondering if someone could help me with this flash problem. It’s probably really easy (one or two lines of code) but for some reason I can’t seem to figure it out.

      I simplified the design to make it easier. I just need help with the code. I’m trying to load “slideshow.swf” (after “but2” is pressed) into “mainPage.swf”. If you play the slideshow.swf by itself it works exactly how I want it to. But when you execute the mainPage.swf with the loaded slideshow.swf file most of if seems to work (after pressing "play") except that the jpg slide show does not start and no jpg images load up at all. The xml files controls the jpgs and the text and since the text part works I know that it sees the .xml file… so something is not letting the jpg’s work.

      I’m using flash 8 and Action 2 (haven’t upgraded CS3 yet).

      I really appreciate any help.


      Here's the link to the files:

      Flash Gallery Project Zip


      Flash Gallery WinRar