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    working with template - printready pdf has different measurements?


      Hi experts!


      I am hoping to find an answer to my beginner's question.

      To start with: I am more or less new to InDesign, having just (almost) finished my very first brochure (yipiiieeh!).


      Problem in a nutshell:

      I've been working on a brochure using the document setups from a former work. So, both brochures have following setup:


      As the former brochure has already been printed, we also have a printready file showing 878.4 x 294.2 mm in the PDF file.

      When I now save my work, the measurements in the PDF file are following: 884.4 x 300.2mm.


      As the brochure is meant to be collapsible, these measurements are very important, in my understanding.

      I am really afraid that we'll send it to the printer and it comes back totally destroyed just because I've overseen some settings....


      Therefore, THANK YOU all in advance for your help!