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    How to upload images in group content to CC libraries?


      We are transitioning from Quark 6 to IndesignCC and I'm converting our libraries. I have a columnist headshot that is grouped with a byline and other objects. When I drag it to the CC library it syncs fine but the image doesn't get uploaded to the cloud. If someone that I shared the library with tries to use it, says the file is missing. How do you upload the grouped columnist art including the image so everyone can access the image file?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you draft InDesign artwork with an image it must be embedded in the artwork for the picture to be included. If you're viewing that asset on another computer, possibly on another network, there is no way to access the picture unless it's embedded in InDesign.


          Another alternate would be to create a Library-linked graphic. You would do the latter by adding the picture as an Library item in Photoshop so it's location could be tracked.