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    Cannot move images to NAS within Lightroom

    Bernard Slinkert


      I have got a problem with moving images within Lightroom from a macbook to a new NAS.


      I have bought a new NAS. I moved my Imagefolder from the old NAS to a share on the new NAS without changing the structure. (I think). I opened the Lightroom catalog on my Mac reconnected the missing folder on the new NAS. Lightroom found the new location and done. I looked good.


      Now I want to archive images to the new NAS. When I move them within Lightroom I got a message (in dutch) something like " there is a error while coping the images to the location you selected. The following images are not copied: " Then there is a list of the images which are nog copied. Strange thing is that the folder is made at the new location, but empty.


      Can please someone help me. My macbook is getting full and there is no back-up.








      MacBook Pro (2014)

      - Lightroom 5.0

      - OS: Sierra

      - Lightroom catalog

      - some folders with images


      NAS Western Digital MyCloud DL2100

      - Several Shares one share is for images

      - Folders with LR images