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    trouble maintaining connection to external hard drives


      Hello.  I'm trying to help my wife solve a problem with her work in lightroom. The computer does not maintain a steady connection to my external drives. When moving large files, the operation is interrupted (beeps) and fails since the connection is lost midstream. This prevents me from using my external drives as a steady data source when editing photos. I must edit solely on photos on my hard drive. Then because I run out of room, I have to export large folders of files and the Lightroom catalog (which saves the original path to the photos) to external drives (again hard to do in one fell swoop because the connection is interrupted which cases file moves to fail.) and then I have to move files back to my hard drive if I have to work on the files again since Lightroom requires the original path to be intact. We're somewhat clueless and have searched.  Our hub for connecting to the external drives is powered (that's the one bit of advice I could find).  Help please!