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    Phonegap fundamentals


      1) If I build via CLI, do I also have only 1 free private app?

      2) If I build via CLI, will everything I build be uploaded somewhere?

      3) Is there any possibility to build an app and upload it on my server and distribute it via a link?

      4) https://build.phonegap.com/

      This site mentions that i can share my app via a link. How does this work, do I have to upload it somewhere?

      My goal is to not have to upload it on the os-stores like google-store, cause my app is only for private customers.

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          vishal_mishra Adobe Employee

          1. The concept of 1 free private app applies to free tier of Phonegap build. You can have multiple apps using PhoneGap CLI.

          2. Your can build locally using PhoneGap CLI  ( and respective SDKs).

          3. You can distribute .apk files for android after building your project.


          Phonegap CLI and Phonegap Build are different entities and distribution of app is different .

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            gernotp9079025 Level 1

            what is tdifferent when i build it via web-service or use the build command in cli?

            I thought it's just exactly the same only difference that it will not be uploaded somewhere when using cli

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              VectorP Level 4

              Please read the Getting Started section of Phonegap Build. It describes what to upload (and how) when using PGB, as opposed to CLI.

              In fact, CLI uses a full Cordova project locally, while PGB only needs your assets and a config file.

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                gernotp9079025 Level 1

                i will read in the evening today, but if I don't get it 100% what the difference in the outcomes is, can you be so kind and tell me is there any difference in the outcome of the webservice and cli build?

                With outcome i mean the code/project that will be returned, not if there is a upload somewhere.

                It's pretty confisuing at the beginning...

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                  VectorP Level 4

                  The outcome is an installable app for each supported platform, either in debug mode or as a release version, ready to be published.

                  There is no difference in generated product for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. However, PGB only generates these three platforms, while you can have more OS variations when using CLI locally.

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                    gernotp9079025 Level 1

                    thank you


                    and cli does not upload it, correct?

                    and werbservice does upload it somwhere, correct?


                    I really do not like that my code be uploaded somewhere.


                    thank you very much!

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                      VectorP Level 4

                      As far as I know, none of those options do 'upload your code somewhere'.


                      When using PGB, you are the one uploading your assets to PGB (how else can they build your app)?

                      When using CLI with local build, you don't upload anything to Phonegap. With remote build, you do upload your stuff to the remote build server.


                      I really do not like that my code be uploaded somewhere.

                      Do you plan to publish your apps someday? If so, are you aware that anyone will then be able to see your source code (no matter whether you build with Cordova, with Phonegap or PGB)?

                      Now, I'm getting curious: what will make your code so special that it needs to be hidden?

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                        gernotp9079025 Level 1

                        it's a app for selected customers. So hiding code like compiling is not possible with phonegap?

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                          VectorP Level 4

                          It seems that you are not aware of the nature of hybrid apps.

                          Phonegap (regardless whether CLI or PGB) creates hybrid apps from your assets. The framework is compiled, your assets aren't. After all, they are html5 assets, to be interpreted and displayed in the Webview Component of each platform.

                          Just like regular websites, visitors can look at the source code and read it.


                          But why would that be a problem?

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                            gernotp9079025 Level 1

                            no is no problem, I just want to avoid the my app gets uploaded somewhere. It's really a app for selected customers, thats all.