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    Margins and Bleeds

    lenat72146276 Level 1

      I am working on InDesign CC 2015.4. I am having issues with getting my bleeds and margins correct. The final product will be an 8" x 8" saddle stitched booklet, totaling 24 pages counting cover. I have my bleeds set to 0.125" and the document is set to 8" x 8". All text and everything important is within the 8" all the way around, and my background image extending fully to the 8.0125" bleed mark. The pages are not continuous, they have different image that do not span a 2 page spread.

      Do I need to add an inside margin?

      Do I need to adjust anything to get it to print 8" x 8", the way I am thinking? Or am I over thinking this?


      Thank you.