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    See specifications of a Paragraph Style??


      I am working with an indesign document that was made for me by a publisher.

      Many different parts of the document have paragraph style " [Basic Paragraph]+ " where the "+" could be almost anything I guess. So I want to see just what the "+" involves (how different from regular [Basic Paragraph]), so I put the curser in the text, and in the paragraph style window the [Basic Paragraph]+   become highlighted. Now I want to see just what is the format for the [Basic Paragraph]+   , so I click on it in the style window. But... instead of showing me what exactly the [Basic Paragraph]+ style is, InDesign reformats the selected text back to [Basic Paragraph] (with no "+). How can I see what attributes have been changed in the [Basic Paragraph]+ style without just reformatting the text back to [Basic Paragraph] ? My ultimate goal is to get rid of all of the [Basic Paragraph]+    and make proper style names.


      Thank you,