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    Getting chapter number into TOC ??


      I am trying to make a nice TOC for my indesign document. Here is what I have so far.

      My TOC.PNG


      Here is a screenshot of the nice professional TOC I am trying to duplicate. This TOC is from the same document, problem is that I didn’t make this TOC originally and  I can’t update the page numbers and it wasn’t created with bookmarks either, so I need to recreate it from scratch.




      Here is what the actual start of each chapter looks like. The number “1” and the chapter title are on separate lines with separate paragraph styles. There is no word “chapter”. Any idea how to get the TOC to look like the pro version above? when in the document the number and the text are different paragraph styles, and the word “chapter” isn’t even there.






      As an add on question… You can see that 5 subheadings come up on my TOC. But in the “professional” TOC only one subheading came up “1.1 Giving Instructions Exercises”. The thing is, all those 5 subheadings on my TOC have the same paragraph style in the document. So not sure why only one shows up in the professional made TOC . Can you select a paragraph style for a TOC and only have some instances of it show up and not other instances?



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Work with cross-references instead of a TOC.

          Work with identical Paragraph Styles, make the one based on the other one, so only one of them will be drawn into an automatic TOC, the other identical one will be omitted.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Why not using just the paragraph style for "Giving clear instructions" as TOC contents and using a numbered list with the paragraph style for the TOC entry adding the word "Chapter" in front of it?


            From my German InDesign:





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              drew345 Level 1

              Thanks for the tip on the numbered list. I got the chapter number into the TOC that way.

              Still, it doesn't seem to be the same way that the "pro" did it before. I know because in the version the pro did, I can put the cursor into the "chapter 1" text, but in the numbered list, I cannot do that because you can't put the cursor into the automatic text of a numbered list.

              Having trouble with the subheading numbers too. I can't get them with 2.1, 2.2 etc. I may just remove them altogether.




              I wish I could just let one of you helpful pros look at this book I got and tell me how the TOC was made. Seems like quite a few tricks were used. Anyone have dropbox or google drive and a few helpful minutes to spare???
              It was originally done by a Korean publisher and went through another middle man so I can't really ask the "pro" that did it first.