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    "The disk copy of <file> was changed since you last opened or saved it"

    J Isner Level 1

      This could be either a LR or PS question because it involves the interface between the two programs. 


      I created a new document in PS.  I saved a file from PS named foo.psd and imported it into LR.  I did not make any adjustments in LR.  From LR, I did Edit in -> Photoshop with the option "Edit a copy."  This causes LR to create a file foo-2.psd which is then opened in PS.  While working on the file in PS, I periodically do File -> Save.  But when I save I get a warning dialog:


      "The disk copy of foo-2.psd was changed since you last opened or saved it.  Do you want to save anyway?"


      But I have not made any changes to the file outside PS.  I can see that from the file timestamp.


      What could be causing this?


      LR CC 2015.7

      PS CC 2015.5.1

      Windows 7 64-bit