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    Is Bridge causing bogus save warnings in Photoshop?

    J Isner Level 1

      Yesterday Photoshop began giving me warnings whenever I did File -> Save.


      the disk copy was changed.jpg


      The warnings are completely bogus.  I'm working on a file and doing periodic saves on a single-user system.  Nothing else touches the file between opening or the last save.  The File timestamp indicates this is the case.


      In this discussion from 2012 (and others like it), users who reported the same problem were told "something else must be touching the file."  Since my problem started yesterday, I thought about what might have changed on my system.  Drum roll please...


      I re-installed Bridge CC (2015).


      As a Lightroom user, I install Bridge whenever there's an update from the Creative Cloud, but I almost never use the program. Yesterday I needed Bridge for something.  I tried to launch it, but it would not launch.  So I uninstalled and re-installed it from the Creative Cloud desktop app and was once again able to launch it.


      But that's when I began getting the "disk copy changed" warnings for saves from Photoshop.


      Note that I get these message when Bridge is not running.  Only Photoshop and Lightroom are running.


      Any ideas?  Could Bridge be the cause?


      Running Photoshop CC (2015.5.1) and Bridge CC (2015) on Windows 7 64-bit