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    need javascript help - show hidden fields under certain conditions


      looking for some help setting up a script to run on certain fields in a PDF form.


      I have a form which information is currently filled in via a mail merge. One section allows for up to 4 different names to be displayed, along with a mailing address and verification checkbox. In any instance, the mailing address for each name is the same, and all pull from one cell in the data document, but the names are different. In most cases, a maximum of 2 names will display.


      I am looking for a piece of javascript that I can run on the name/address/checkbox fields that does the following:

      if the Name field has data (from the merge)

      display the hidden Address field


      display the hidden Checkbox field


      Can someone help me construct this? While I understand the concept of what needs to happen here, I am not familiar enough with the coding to actually make it happen.