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    Lightroom Mobile on Android - frequently crashes

    mk_in_ca Level 1

      LightRoom Mobile consistently crashes on both my tablet and slightly less so on my phone.  My initial workflow is to flag each photo in my ~27,000 photo collection which is currently organized into collections by year.  The largest collection has about 4,000 photos.  Each device has only a couple of collections synced for offline use.  The source photos have been mostly Sony RAW, but also include older/smaller jpgs and some TIFF photos.



      • The crash results in the app closing with "Lightroom Android Unexpectedly Quit".  I have sent at least a dozen crash reports via Android collection.
      • LR only occasionally offers to report crash data to Adobe.  I have done so on every time but still wonder why LR ask me only sometimes.
      • The crashes are always preceded by lags and then video artifacts such as missing filmstrip thumbnails [only visible on tablet?], garbled thumbnails and then total unresponsiveness.  Attached are two screen shots of LR before two different crashes.  One was online, one was offline.
      • When the crashes occur, the device memory is not exhausted and there are no other background processes.  CPU usage does seem to spike before LR fails.
      • The crashes occur both online or offline and both with and without collections that have been downloaded for offline editing. 
      • LR did not recover [it just hung] from one particular crash on my tablet which required me to remove all data, uninstall, restart and reinstall.  It still crashes.
      • LR will crash after flagging every 100 or so photos or every ~10 minutes.
      • It seems to crash more frequently after cropping.   
      • The collection size doesn't seem to matter.  Even a small collection of 160 photos has crashed dozens of time while editing.
      • The Tablet crashed more often when using the SD card and is currently using internal memory and still crashes often. 
      • The phone seems to crash less often though I admittedly use the tablet significantly more often for LR as the screen is larger.
      • My tablet has never crashed on any app, even with resource intensive, high frame rate video.


      My devices:


      Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0


      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


      Android version

      Open GL version


      ["Device Information" is missing from LR menu?]



      LR version2.
      storage performance

      internal:  201MB/s | 26MB/s [currently using]

      SD card: 36.8MB/s | 11.3MB/s

      internal: 337MB/s | 49.1MB/s

      SD card: 51.3MB/s | 15.9MB/s [currently using]


      Pretty please Adobe, fix this.  Moving to the LR suite has allowed me to take control of my photos.  Using LR mobile allows me to work on my album from anywhere and it really is fantastic - when it works!  Send your QA team to their local computer store to buy a Tab S2!








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          mk_in_ca Level 1



          I was working offline this evening, flagging photos using my tablet off a fresh restart.  Sure enough, about 100 photos in, Lightroom crashed and exited.  No problem, I thought - just another crash.  I'll just restart the app and continue on.  Unfortunately, Lightroom never showed any images again.  It would show all my collections [including counts] and if I selected a collection, it would even give me a breakdown by month, but no thumbnails and no pictures.  Restarting my tablet did not resolve it.  Clearing the application cache [Application Info / Storage / Clear Cache] did not resolve it.  I had to "Clear Data", sign in and start syncing my tablet all over again once I had WiFi access.  Below is screen shot of what the collection looked like after the 'bad crash'.  [The stats at the top is another app that tells me the CPU, IO, network IO, memory.  The crashes happen with and without this app running.  I waited several minutes and there was no system activity.]




          Still on the train, without WiFi, I decided to use my phone to flag photos in 2 different collections that i had synced.  Sadly, I only got through a couple of dozen before Lightroom crashed on my S7 Edge.  This is what I saw after Lightroom became unresponsive and before it aborted:



          Very frustrating!

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            mk_in_ca Level 1

            Here is a screenshot of another crash that just happened.  This is after:

            • deleting all data
            • deleting cache
            • restarting tablet
            • signing in to Lightroom Mobile; setting storage to SD [since it didn't seem to make a difference using internal memory]
            • syncing one collection for offline editing
            • restarting tablet
            • flagging ~40 photos; no other actions - just flagging


            The stats at the top indicate: plenty of available memory, low CPU usage, no network activity and little system IO.  This crash was a bit different in that it was not a hard crash but had the spinning swirl for a while before Android offer to wait or close the unresponsive app.


            Lightroom worked immediately after restarting it, without having to restart the tablet or delete the application data which I've had to do 3 times in the 2 weeks since I've signed up with Adobe Lightroom.


            Should I open a ticket with Adobe directly?  Are there any other logs or data that I can provide to help engineers troubleshoot or isolate the issue?





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              mandad159 Level 1

              I also have this problem on an NVidia Shield K1 tablet.  For a while, I had exactly the symptoms described in this post, with visual glitches and slowdowns leading to an eventual crash after flipping through and rating pictures.  Now, after more recently synchronizing more offline photos, it freezes almost immediately after opening so that I cannot use the app at all.  Very frustrating as I just spent a long time syncronizing offline photos over a slow internet connection.

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                mk_in_ca Level 1

                mandad159, sorry to hear your've having troubles but it's nice to know that I'm not alone.


                I'm fairly confident that I have isolated the Lightroom Mobile on Android bugs to two features.


                The first is filters.  Don't use them!  Instead, "Show All".   In my initial workflow [first pass of my whole collection, one year at a time, to remove duplicates, out-of-focus and other duds], I was viewing "Unflagged" only.  The filter allowed me to easily select the photos that needed processing, but unfortunately, it was responsible for crashing.




                The second, is thumbnails.  Don't use them!  Available only on my tablet, it too triggered the video artifacts and ultimately crashed Lightroom Mobile.




                Since not using thumbnails or filters, I've successfully flagged hundreds of photos without crashing.  I will note that the app can become slower and less responsive after flagging hundreds of photos in a session and that I could alleviate this by exiting the collection and re-entering it.  Nearly all of this testing has been on my Samsung tablet and not my phone [where thumbnails aren't available anyways].


                I've tried flagging photos with thumbnails but without filters - it crashes. 

                I've tried flagging photos without thumbnails and with filters - it crashes.


                I also discovered a trick to recover Lightroom Mobile when it opens but never shows any images [it'll only show collections and collection counts without any thumbnails or images].  Move it to another storage medium [SD or internal, depending on where the crash occurred.].  It can be a long process, but it's still faster than deleting all and re-downloading everything.


                Since there was no response from Adobe on this forum, I've opened a case with them and referred them to this thread.  Hopefully we'll see some results now that the issues are more isolated and reproduceable.

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                  Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                  Hi Mkinca and Mandad,


                  Please send us the Diagnostics log(via Private message).

                  You can trigger  "Diagnostics Report" from Lr mobile,

                  • Long-press the top left LR icon within the Lightroom mobile settings.
                  • After that LR mobile generates a diagnostic log and opens this up within your e-mail client.

                  @Mkinca You wrote:-

                  The crash results in the app closing with "Lightroom Android Unexpectedly Quit".  I have sent at least a dozen crash reports via Android collection.

                  Please post the same crash report via Pm to me.




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                    mk_in_ca Level 1

                    Hi Akash,


                    In regards to the diagnostics log, can you tell me under what conditions you want me to generate it?  After a fresh restart?  When the Lightroom Mobile starts to act slow?  Will it still report meaningful data after a restart or is it critical to capture data before it crashes?  Does it matter if I'm in the middle of syncing collections for offline use (white noise)?


                    In regards to the crash report, I have no control over where it is sent nor do I have visibility of the report.  There seems to be 2 types of crash report collection:  Google Play (I'm asked if I want to report it each time LightRoom Mobile crashes) and LightRoom Mobile (where I'm asked once out of every 7 or so crashes).




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                      Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                      Hi Marc,


                      Thanks for the update.

                      Generate the crash report when Lr mobile start acting up slowly.



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                        mk_in_ca Level 1

                        Generated a "diagnostics report" when LightRoom Mobile started to not display thumbails and images.


                        I triggered it after flagging a couple dozen photos with thumbnails enabled and I did not use filters.


                        I messaged you the link to the file.



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                          mk_in_ca Level 1


                          I captured another diagnostics report and sent Akash a link to it.  Leading up to the capture from my tablet, I did the following:


                          1. Used LightRoom Moble last night to flag and crop some photos - it worked fine without "thumbail preview" or "filters".
                          2. Left LightRoom Mobile running overnight while it synced 3 collections [1738, 161 and 669 photos in each].  The tablet had wifi access and was charging.
                          3. Started LightRoom while offline - thumbnails were missing.
                          4. Restarted the LightRoom app - thumbnails were missing.
                          5. Restarted the tablet and then Lightroom - thumbnails missing.
                          6. Captured diagnostics report.



                          • No thumbnails were shown for several minutes.  There was both CPU and IO [reading/writing from internal storage] activity.
                          • Eventually, only some of the thumbnails showed on the collections screen [see below].
                          • Thumbnails were missing from the 3 offline collections.  The full size were missing too, only for some photos.
                          • Another restart did not correct it, even with WiFi.  I still see a list of all my collections, but only some have thumbnails both in the main screen and within collections.



                          So, now I'm online and can't get LightRoom to work. At all.  I then tried the "Copying to a new storage location", moving internal memory to my SD card trick.  After a long wait, it completed but still showed missing thumbails and the ones that were visible were different than the screen shot above.  Then, the tablet froze and restarted!  Thumbails still missing after that, even with WiFi.


                          In addition to the tablet woes, my Samsung S7 Edge completely froze while syncing flagged photos over WiFi last night.  This is not the first time it happened on that device using LightRoom Mobile.  I wasn't able to power cycle it either - the clock on the lock screen simply froze and after about 15 minutes, the device restarted by itself.  My S7 Edge has never froze until using LightRoom Mobile.


                          I'm going to delete the app and start all over again.




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                            mk_in_ca Level 1

                            Updates and observations...


                            • I have uninstalled the app from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as it froze the entire phone on a few occasions [each time while syncing via WiFi] which is unacceptable for me.  A full device freeze has never happened on my Samsung Tab 8 tablet.
                            • LightRoom Mobile doesn't seem to handle big changes very well.  After multiple flagging sessions, I was able to remove approximately 1,500 photos from my collection.  I performed the delete from my desktop [Mac] which worked flawlessly.  While my desktop synced with the cloud, I then set 'disable for offline use' the 3 collections that I had reviewed and enabled 'enable for offline use' for 2 new collections - both on my tablet.  The mobile app sync became stuck, even after device restarts.  The tablet was plugged into the power outlet, next to my WiFi radio for over 2 days.  I had to "delete all data" from LightRoom Mobile and start over.  After that, two collections with ~3,500 photos synced within hours with no issues.
                            • Before deleting all LightRoom Mobile data and starting over, I found that if I re-enabled 'enable for offline use', the sync was immediately up-to-date without the need to download all the images again.  I would have expected that 'disable for offline use' would remove the photos so that I could reclaim the storage space.
                            • With filters disabled and not using thumbail view [both of which increase the likelihood of app crashes], I've found that I can flag approximately 300 photos offline before LightRoom Mobile becomes sluggish and ultimately crashes.  If I exit the photo view when the app becomes sluggish, return to my collection list and re-enter the same collection, LightRoom Mobile will perform fine for another ~300 photos before it becomes sluggish again.  I did this 3 times this morning on the train ride into work, avoiding any crashes and flagging over 1,000 photos.


                            @Adobe:  Any insight into the diagnostic logs I submitted?  Does Adobe include any mobile APM tooling with LightRoom Mobile?



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                              mandad159 Level 1

                              I hadn't used lightroom mobile for a little while, but was able to replicate the display band/tearing issue after rating ~100 pictures with thumbnails displayed.  It is not always practical for me to not show thumbnails because I often shoot groups of similar shots where I am trying to pick the best and need to see which ones are coming up, which makes this issue particularly annoying.  I sent the diagnostic report to the default Adobe address and will also message it to you if possible (I'm on a ship and have super slow internet).

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                                mk_in_ca Level 1

                                Hi mandad159,


                                I agree that thumbails is an awesome feature, when it works.  I use a Sony SLT-A77 which can capture 12 frames per second.  When shooting sports (often), I'll fire off multiple frames in hopes of capturing the perfect picture.   Thumbnails make it easy to identify the good ones and weed out the duds.


                                That said, I've flagged thousands of photos without using thumbnails or filters and LightRoom Mobile has not crashed or displayed any of those banding artifacts.  LightRoom Mobile will always start to slow down and respond less quickly after flagging ~300 pictures, but exiting to the collections view and re-entering the same collection to resume works every time.  I flagged another ~1,300 photos this morning [in addition to the ~1,000 from yesterday] without the app crashing or having to restart my tablet.  All this using the SD card, which performs much more slowly than internal memory.


                                The fact that we can reproduce this issue on 3 different hardware platforms is promising. 


                                @Adobe:  Should I be inquiring elsewhere for an update?




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                                  mk_in_ca Level 1

                                  Another update...


                                  I had several days of good LightRoom Mobile use where I reviewed nearly 4,000 photos in 2 collections, offline.  I didn't use filters or thumbnails and other than the 300 picture lag bug [fixed by exiting and re-entering collection], I had only two crashes while cropping.  Each night, I'd let LightRoom Mobile sync.  Last night, I "deleted rejected photos" from my LightRoom on my MAC, purging approximately 1,200 photos from the 2 collections.  It synced the changes to the cloud.  Almost immediately, I could see the photos being removed from my tablet until the photo count decremented to be the same as my MAC.


                                  Back on the train this morning [offline], I opened LightRoom and *no* photos were displayed.  Not in the collection view or within my 3 'synced for offline' collections.  My system stats widget showed little CPU activity and almost no IO which is indicative of reading/writing.  Eventually, after waiting a few minutes, my Samsung tablet crashed and restarted.


                                  Once restarted [still showing no images], I then toggled the "use SD for storage" from the menu which moved all media from my SD card to internal storage.   After LightRoom Mobile started, I could see my photos and continue on.


                                  I'll attempt to reproduce this as I continue flagging the remainder of my collections.  I've purged nearly 10,000 photos so far and I'll soon be complete with pass #1 (flagging/purging) and will move onto phase #2 (editing and rating).


                                  @Adobe:  I haven't heard boo from you in over a week.  If you need more information, please ask.  I really do hope that this is being looked at but your lack of feedback or updates from customer support is not encouraging.  Definitely not the level of service I would expect from a company the size of Adobe.




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                                    mk_in_ca Level 1

                                    Hi Adobe,


                                    So, since my last post, I had 2 collections to finish flagging.  To avoid crashes, I did one collection at a time, downloading them overnight so that I could flag offline.  The first collection [2008] went well and worked mostly without issue [aside from the ~300 photo lag I previously described].  Next...


                                    • I let the 2008 collection sync up with my offline changes.
                                    • I "enable for offline use" the 2007 collection which consisted of 1001 photos.
                                    • I confirmed the it downloaded.  The top read "All up to date", the progress bar was not present and a quick preview showed them all.  See screenshot "lr_20161104-start.jpg".
                                    • My tablet was not restarted, but I went offline [train ride to work]
                                    • As I opened the 2007 collection, I noticed that some thumbnails weren't displaying.   I exited back to the collection to see the progress bar and now that only "847" photos have synced and that syncing was paused, presumably because I was offline.  See screenshot "lr_20161104-1837.jpg"
                                    • I entered the collection again, browsed and saw more missing thumbnails.  Back to the collection view, another 148 pictures disappeared?!?  See screenshot "lr_20161104-1839.jpg"
                                    • In again and out again - more thumbnails showing.  596 photos!  See screenshot "lr_20161104-1843.jpg"
                                    • The number kept decreasing! While offline!
                                    • Back at home with wifi, I opened LightRoom Mobile and it seems to be resyncing photos again, all the while not showing any thumbnails for my collections.  See screenshot "lr_20161104-back_online.jpg"


                                    Why, while working offline, would LightRoom Mobile remove photos from my collection with just browsing?  This, after it reported that it had successfully synced?


                                    Akash Sharma:  I sent you a link to a diagnostic log taken around 18.37 while I was losing photos working offline.  It's been over 2 weeks now since I reported the first batch of issues, including screen shots.  Is there really no update from your engineering team?  Is this being worked on?  Do you need more diagnostics logs?






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                                      Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

                                      I am sending you a private message please check and reply.

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                                        mk_in_ca Level 1

                                        Message received and replied to.


                                        Here is another issue I frequently encounter - blind cropping!  Images suddenly won't display when the crop size is changed.  One can still resize the crop window and sometimes, the image will briefly appear for a second.  Moving on to the next image usually has no affect.  Exiting to the gallery and re-entering the collection to crop works sometimes.  Exiting the application altogether and killing it usually works best.  Images not displaying usually occurs after cropping a dozen or so images.


                                        In the screenshot below, I was cropping out the border from a negative scan.






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                                          TangCanada Level 1

                                          Nearly two years later and still the crashing issue persists.. Samsung Tab S.

                                          Sent a million crash reports and seems all ignored by Adobe.