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    stuck like chuck

    troyvd Level 1
      I'm evaluating DW and I can't seem to get it setup right. I have a shared hosting account at Godaddy and I can't access the CFAdministrator. I've gone to the web page that Godaddy provided and I've created a MySQL database that has a Coldfusion DNS name. But now I'm stuck.

      When I have a Coldfusion document open in DW I can make it to step 3 in the databases panel with no problem. But Step 4 is for RDS Login and I'm skipping this step since Godaddy doesn't support this. Step 5 is to create a DNS using the CFAdministrator but I can't access it. It seems I'm dead in the water with no way to see my database. BUMMER!

      Can anyone share some insite into this?

      Mac OS X, DM 8, Coldfusion MX7 (at Godaddy), MySQL (at Godaddy)