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    Security and signature

    charles ot6488435

      I want to use both security options AND add a signature. I want to use a PW for opening the document, a password for changing the document, and add a signature. Is that even doable? If so, in what order and when do i save it - between each step or after all steps? No matter what I try, I can only get 2 out of 3.


      Product in use is Adobe Acrobat 9.5.5 so I won't need answers for techniques in Adobe DC.

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi Charlesot6488435,


          This is not doable, either you have to set only open password and signature or you have to set Open password and changing password. 


          The main purpose of a signature is to prove the document hasn't been changed after it has been signed. So changing the document even the document is signed doesn't make sense.


          So all three can't go together.



          Tariq Dar