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    HELP! Premiere elements 12 not opening.




      I was ready to use premiere elements for a project yesterday, and I click on the icon, the welcome screen appeared and I clicked the editor......but for a full minute nothing happened. So I closed and tried again with the same results. I even proceeded to restart my system, and that gave me the same results. The last time I used the editor, which was about 2 weeks ago (approx. 10/20/16), it worked fine, and since then I have changed NO files, and had not modified or changed anything system wise. The only application I updated recently was the Adobe cloud thingy.  I tried virtually everything mentioned on the forums! I did a lot of looking around on the forums and I have seen users with very similar, or exactly the same situation Im in, and either those questions have not been answered, or did not a what I was looking for. This is really my last resort to get it back up and running again. (Note: My current product version of Elements 12 is: 12, 1, 0, 0) I have windows 8.1 64-bit i7-4790k GTX970 16BG Again, it has worked fine before, first time using it in a while, didnt modify or delete anything, no updates, nothing.....

      Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you need anymore info regarding the specs, or the issue itself!




      Daniel Caterinicchio

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you try System Restore?

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            danielc30332849 Level 1

            Good day,


            Does anyone know what this is? I find it in the error log on every crash...


            Faulting module path: D:\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\dvacore.dll

            Faulting module name: dvacore.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x52250a9d

            Faulting application path: D:\Adobe Premiere Elements 12\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Do you have a trial version of any version of Premiere or Premiere Elements installed?


              Have you tried uninstalling, running CCleaner registry cleaner and reinstalling?

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                I have the same exact problem with PE12, and I'm 100% certain that the latest nVidia drivers are the culprit.  Others have reported this same problem with the latest drivers.  The last nVidia driver that works with PE12 is 373.06, the later ones crashes all recent PE releases before PE15.  I hope this is your problem, for installing the 373.06 driver fixes it.


                I've posted this issue at the nVidia driver forum and several have added to the discussion.  Some claim even PE14 is affected, which released just a little over a year ago!  I give it a 50-50 chance that nVidia wil fix it...you can bet that Adobe doesn't support any product that isn't the latest release.

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                  Papolytic Level 1



                  Just to point out something about this problem. I tested with a few versions, PE9, PE12, PE13, and had a friend test with PE15 (sorry, maybe it was 14). All failed on dvacore.dll with identical errors. I know it's "protocol" to blame the "other company" in these cases. Dvacore.dll is your module. It was expecting something back from Nvidia that was never guaranteed not to change . It changed. Yeah, I could use an earlier version of Nvidia's driver and get it to work, but then I begin to have graphics problems with other things that require the newer versions of nvidia's drivers.


                  It seems like that makes it your problem (well, more your problem). Some of those versions of PE are pretty new and since it's on your side, do you think some lonely engineer could be assigned to fix the problem? Nvidia isn't going to fix it because they're dealing with about a million applications and platforms. Since it's your module and you're dealing with slightly (well, a lot) less, it would be greatly appreciated if you folks could fix this one. If you want to send me a complete debug version of one of the failing Premiere Element versions (full resolved symbols) and some sort of bounty afterward, I can chase it down myself, but I would prefer just to have my PE12 working again. And if you'd like a reason why I don't want to upgrade PE to the very latest version for this thing it is this: I don't like the changes made to premiere elements after version 12 which make it less intuitive. I liked version 9 better than 12 but had a similar problem with that. I suppose this would turn me away from PE if no one is willing to fix it. I know no one wants to work on "older" versions but this stuff isn't that old.





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                    Bravoexo Level 1

                    Nvidia just released Geforce drivers 376.09 (Game Ready WHQL drivers for Watchdogs 2)

                    But I can report that Adobe Premiere Elements 11 now launches successfully again... (thank you, Nvidia)

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                      Papolytic Level 1

                      Has anyone tried the latest 378.49 (or anything within the last month) drivers to see if that problem is still fixed as per the post above by @bravoexo ?


                      Many thanks. I'll probably give them a try since I've stayed with the pre-problematic drivers for many months now.