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    Spawn page (Pop up message)

    vigneshs53970460 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I am having a checkbox in the template page (Spawn page).

      When I click that checkbox the following pop-up should show "Thank you for accepting the order".


      I tried some code which is given below.



      function roACx() {

      var a = this.pageNum;

      var b = "AccOrd" //(this is the template name)

      var dot = "." //(the field name is like "ACx.Accept Order.CB")

      var c = "ACx" //(this is first four letter which named it for the field)


      var f = this.getField(d);

      var stem = d;


      for (var I = 0; i < this.numFields; I++) {

           if (this.getNthFieldName(i).indexOf(stem).value !="off") {

           app.alert("Thank you for accepting the order." , 0) //("0" refers to the OK button in the pop-up)





      This is the code which I used in my form, when I check that checkbox the pop-up is appering (app.alert) is working, in that pop-up message, I am having "OK" button.

      When I click "OK" the pop-up is not hiding and I do not know, how to hide the pop-up when "OK" is clicked. Can anyone help with this?.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There are a number of problems I can see. You don't define or set the "d" variable anywhere, but attempt to it. It not clear what this is supposed to do:




          but it's probably not doing what you expect and always evaluates to true.


          Since you have it in a loop that checks all field in the form, the app.alert will be shown for as many times as there are fields.


          You're also using both the variable i and I for the loop counter. You need to use one or the other.