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    Inappbrowser (iOS) hide done button and style toolbar.

    ee0jmt Level 1

      I am using the inappbrowser phonegap core plugin. On iOS I need to show the toolbar, but I don't want the Done button and if possible I would like to style the < and > buttons.


      I have set the closebuttoncaption to empty string and this hides the text but the button is still functional (although not visible).


      Is there a way that I can disable this button. Does anyone have another plugin that does this.


      Also if possible I would like to change the colour of the < and > buttons on the toolbar.


      I see that you can modify the source of the plugins I am worried that this is going to be very involved and time consuming. Do you need a mac to compile the plugins? Do I need a special phonegap account to import custom plugins? Anyone got a simple guide of how to do this.


      Thanks in advance!