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    new zoom in does not work with first document Indesign CC 2017

    wonderings1111 Level 1

      Not sure what the style of zoom is called, but it was released in CC 2015, one of the last updates that acts the same as it does in Illustrator. With the zoom tool you click and hold moving in and out. I like it and am used to it now. Works fine in Indesign CC 2015. It does work in Indesign CC 2017, just not on the first document I open. I did a test, opened a blank 8.5 x 11 document, default name untitled-1. Tried to zoom in as mentioned above, nothing, it draws a box and zooms in to that. Now with untitled-1 still open I open another blank 8.5x11 document, just as I did with the first, but now the zoom works as it should. The only difference I can see is in untitled-1 looking under "view" I see that "preview on cpu" is greyed out. I look at untitled-2 and see that "preview on cpu" is not greyed out. I have reset Indesign preferences and nothing has changed.


      Anyone else have this issue, any work around to fix it? Annoying to always have 2 make a second document so I can work properly. Indesign is updated to latest release of CC 2017.


      This is on an iMac 5K with i7 processor, 24 gigs of RAM and AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB running latest update of MacOS Sierra.