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    Flash Lite Player Version

    Jax The Flasherman Community Member
      As I understand, Now Adobe has released the Flash lite player in version 2.1 for Nokia Symbian Series 60 V3.0, V2.0 FP2, V2.0 FP3. And I've question as below

      1. How about other series/version (such S40 or V2.0 FP1 as 7610)? that can install the player?
      2. If answer in Q1 is yes, What's the versions of Flash lite and how to get them?
      3. Have other channel as WAP or anythings to get and install the player beside from web downloading?

      Thank you in advance.
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          Paul Lamonby Community Member
          Hi Jax The Flasherman,

          The Flash Lite 2.1 player is only a development release available for the S60 devices you mentioned. It is not available for Series 40 and you will not be able to install it.

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            Yoshua999 Community Member
            Hi Paul,

            Thank you for your answer. Ok for my question I wrong, Yes I don't mean S40 but I mean S60 like symbian phone model as 7610(S60 or V2.0 FP1) because I have a reference that it support for Flash lite 1.1 ver. If that true, How will get flash lite 1.1 ver. for install with 7610?

            Looking forward to hearing from you.

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              Paul Lamonby Community Member
              Hi Jax,

              No problem. The Flash Lite 1.1 player is not available anymore to install on older S60 devices, like your 7610. You will need to purchase a newer phone that comes with Flash Lite 1.1 installed. A good S60 reference phone is the N73 or the N95.

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                Jax The Flasherman Community Member

                Ok I get it now. and how about channel to install flash lite player on handset except Website in case that handset don't pre-install from Nokia?

                This question i mention WAP channel especially, I think it will work for commercial because If the user want to download Flash Lite content from them their will provide link to download on WAP immediatly. I'm not sure that How does Adobe think about this.

                Thank you in advance.

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                  CHAOS'|nc. Community Member
                  I think that will be an excellent addition for the whole flash lite promotion. This really will enable a lot of users to actually understand the charisma of flash lite.
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                    Paul Lamonby Community Member
                    Hi Jax,

                    You cannot download the Flash Lite player via WAP or any other OTA method, you have to download it via the web and transfer it to your S60 handset.

                    Any phone that supports Flash Lite will come with the player pre-installed, so the user will not have to worry about downloading the player, it will already be there. If the user has a phone without the Flash Lite player pre-installed, then in most cases it will not support Flash Lite anyway, so even if they could download it, it would not work :)

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                      Jax The Flasherman Community Member
                      Hi Paul,

                      Thank you so much, It's clear. You 're so great ; )

                      One thing, I'd like to leave my comment to whom may be concern this message.

                      If I want to distribute flash game for some region in APAC market which region are not much flash lite pre-installed handset in now. I afraid about number of supportable handset user that will be customer too low for run the business. Most of peoples already have supportable handset like N70, etc. but tha phone don't pre-installed because the handset at the buy time Nokia don't put it and the flash lite content are un-well know for the region.

                      It will work if have easy way to get flash lite player for users from Adobe or Nokia such "Easy Thai" program for symbian can download via WAP that Nokia ever did for users in Thailand market.


                      How I provide the correct version of flash lite program to customer from my WAP portal directly (after then downloading the content or before)?

                      It's impossible? Can do? I don't know..

                      I hope will have someone spread the flash lite program to many users as Chaos Inc.'s comment.

                      Thank you for all value answers and comment.

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                        mariamdh Community Member
                        Hi Jax,

                        From what I understand of the conversation, your concern is targeting the APAC market which might have a lesser penetration of Flash enabled handsets than the other markets.

                        Looking at the latest Nokia Q2 Sales Report, you will observe that APAC has had the highest sales growth from last year (42.2%). This means the market should have a substantial ratio of Flash Lite Devices vs the Non Flash Lite Devices. It is best that you get the consumer owned handset statistics and target that version of Flash Lite content that has widest acceptance (which I think is Flash Lite 1.1).

                        Regarding providing the Flash Lite player as a download to your customers through WAP, it is not advisable as it is currently only available for those who join the Adobe Mobiles and Devices Developer Program. Maybe someone from Adobe may want to add some more to this.

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                          Jax The Flasherman Community Member
                          Hi Mariam,

                          Many thank for your message. It's value for me.

                          Yes, I had see the link that you had embed about Nokia sale report. However, I concentrate for Thailand that is my local region and from my experience in Thailand's merket I think the flash lite player program will have too long period to push to customer's hand for download my content. That's may be true or not that I'm not sure but I can tell that will better if users can get the player by own from WAP site that either Adobe's or local's site.

                          I understand, if may be cause your company's policy that make Adobe can't give authority or anythings like that as I wish Adobe penetrate the player more pre-installed.

                          If your company will charge the licence fee around 1$ for a download?
                          I think that impossible to do in Thailand's market because the end user content's price is around 1$ -1.5 $.

                          So I hope it will have some way to give the player to customers more than current.

                          Thank you so much.

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                            Prakash_Sherawat Community Member
                            The Flash Lite 2.1 player is only a development release available for the S60 devices you mentioned. but trill version.

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