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    Unable to Export: An internal error has occured: ?:0: attempt to compare two nil values

    Andrei Dragusanu



      I am trying to export a batch of photos (either by multiple selection -> right click -> export or by creating a Har Drive publish service) with the following settings:

      • Resize to Fit:
        • Megapixels, 16,0 (or 15,0)
        • Resolution: 300 pixels per inch

      At some point during the 'Preparing to export...' process I am getting the following error:

      lightroom error.JPG

      It appears that I am getting this error no mather what Megapixel value I insert. Any other resize method (dimensions, longe edge) or export to full size seem to work fine.


      OS: Windows 10 Pro (1607)

      Lightroom Version: 2015.7 Release