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    How to change the font size in Lightroom


      First of all let me state that I am very new to Lightroom. When a friend downloaded a free trial I noticed that the font size underneath the histogram was much smaller than when I recently signed up for the monthly subscription. Could anyone please guide me and tell me how I can change the font so it's not so large. I also noticed when I'm using Lightroom in my college class it's much smaller also. I have a PC but that didn't effect the first time it was downloaded for the free trial. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It’s possible to change the font scaling in the UI although the choices in older versions (LR4) are limited to:




          Even the large setting does not make a great difference on HiDpi monitors. But give it a try by going to:

          Edit >> Preferences >> Interface (tab)

          Lightroom >> Preferences >> Interface (tab) on Mac OS

          Click the drop down icon to the right of Font Size and change to Large. Then quit LR and re-launch for the change to take effect.

          In LR6 there are more choices: