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    How to ensure that endnotes in Word-doc. also are clickable in doc. saved in PDF-format?




      How can "clickable" endnotes in Word-document (Office 2010 Home) also be clickable endnotes in PDF-document after one has saved a Word-doc. as a PDF-doc.?



      Clickable means here that when the cursor is placed on the left side of an endnote number, one can by a double-click jump to the end of the doc. where the endnote text is.  In the same way, one can jump from the end of the doc. and back to the endnote number in the main text.  In Word 2010, these endnotes are clickable automatically.



      I would be very grateful for help on this task.  I do not wish to make - manually - "hyperlinks" for all my over 600 endnotes in my doc.


      Thank you in advance.



      Best regards,

      Soeren, Denmark