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    Adobe Stock "Free" Trial?


      I signed up for the Adobe Stock "free" 10 images trial. I was under the impression that it was free until you used all 10 images you we're allowed. i was wrong. All of a sudden, my PayPal is being charged $30 for something I didn't even use half of. I'm appalled at Adobe. I'm a college student working a part time job, and $30 that could have been used toward my car payment, gas, or food just got flushed down the toilet. I've made several attempts to contact Adobe and get my money back and I'm losing hope. Please, please, adobe be kind enough to process my money back.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi Joys27866598,


          I see you had a Stock subscription under the same Adobe ID as with forums, the stock subscription has been cancelled.


          Kindly get in touch with with Adobe support for refund:

          Contact Customer Care


          **Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above**

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            joys27866598 Level 1

            I canceled on my own after I was charged because I was afraid I would be charged more if I didn't cancel it immediately. I contacted customer care on Saturday and they said someone would be in touch with me on Monday but they haven't contacted me yet. 

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              My adobe stock page shows 150 images available a year after i cancelled the free month promo. I'm concerned if I now attempt licensing an image, instead of charging me the $10 per image price, they will just download the image to me without a billing page, and then back bill me for a year of adobe stock (for the 150 images mysteriously in my image total blue box). Supposedly you can't bill people for gifts you give them, and it seems i've been given 150 free image gifts. I've done 2 chats with adobe support on this, and both chat people said they saw no images in my account, although my top bar shows 'Available 150 images' at 'Royalty free images, photos, and graphics | Adobe Stock..

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                Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                Hi Michael


                We are looking into this.  As your Stock plan was cancelled you should not have continued to receive the 10 image per month allocation.





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                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                  Hi Michael


                  The issue has been fixed so you will not continue to receive Stock allocations.  You will not be billed for using the available licenses in your account.


                  Kind regards



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                    Hello! I have the same issue, images available after cancelling the adobe stock free month promo. I don't want be charged for that!

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                      Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                      Hi rsdisegno


                      Your subscription has been cancelled and there have been no charges.





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                        Hi I have a similiar problem.


                        I signed up for Adobe Stock free trial and downloaded one picture. Soon after that I cancelled my subscription but after some time I recieved an email that Adobe charged me for the following month! I went quickly to my Adobe account and wanted to cancel the subscription, this was not possible because the payment was pending, I contacted support and they told me that it is not possible to cancel my subscription when the transaction is pending but I should contact support once the payment goes through and that I will get a refund.


                        After the transaction went through I cancelled my subscription but Adobe charged me 50% of the yearly subscription as cancellation fee which was in amount of 184 €!!! I immediatly contacted customer support and the lady promised that someone will call me in 5-6 hours.


                        I waited for 8 hours and did not receive any call. I contacted customer support again and the person promised me to escalete the problem to "higher level" and that someone will send me an email between 24-48 hours. Now after more then 50 hours of waiting I still did not get any response. What should I do now ???


                        Thanks for your help.

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                          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                          Hi pavelp77895428


                          Sorry for the delay in handling your case.  The support team are currently working on it & will update you when resolved.


                          Kind regards



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                            Hi Beverley, I signed up for the free trial of the stock images. I realized that I didn't need the stock images and tried to cancel. I spoke with customer support and learned that if you don't cancel your free trial within the first month, it flips to an annual contract! In my experience these free trials flip to month-to-month until you cancel.
                            So now I'm paying for a subscription I don't use, I didn't sign up for, and would have to pay a fee to cancel. This feels really sneaky of Adobe and I'm annoyed.

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                              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                              Hi rachelc81674464


                              Sorry to hear you feel that way.


                              With this offer you are signing up for an annual plan, where there is no charge for the first month.  You can cancel risk free within the first month if you don't wish to continue with the plan.  This is covered in the terms and conditions you need to agree to when signing up.


                              I've sent you a message with additional information about your plan.


                              Kind regards



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                                the adobe stock images trial is a SCAM.. i fell for it and it has cost me hundreds- its appalling that this once respected company is scamming their OWN CUSTOMER BASE.. such disgusting behaviour. i am stuck now paying the entire year- hundreds of dollars and i am also in a tough financial situation, clicked TRY- and that means i signed up to give them hundreds of dollars with no way out but to pay them a HUGE cancellation fee.. absolutely appalling, long long time adobe user that has given adobe thousands of dollars over the years happily- well.. they just turned that tap off, as i hope they've done so for thousands of others. ill take my money elsewhere if they are going to steal it from me with deceit..

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                                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                                  Hi moonpotato


                                  I understand you are upset, but when signing up for a subscription you agree to the terms and conditions which include details about the fee that applies if you decide to cancel part way through your contract & after the trial period, in this case.


                                  I've sent you a message with additional information about your plan.


                                  Kind regards



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                                    rachelc81674464 Level 1

                                    Hi, this is not the right email for the user “Moonpotato”. I was a previously frustrated customer. Maybe you should make your language about the stock images more clear so customers stop having this problem.

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                                      Same problem over here ! This is a real issue Adobe ! Please help i want to cancel but i dont want to pay 150€ to do that after i already got charged 35€ for 1 photo i never used. And i tried to cancel within the first 30 days but it was not working.

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                                        I signed up yesterday, and was also charged $30 for the "FREE" trial! I used ONE image. Tried to cancel, but the payment is already pending! GRRRR.


                                        I will be trying to contact customer support today.

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                                          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                                          Hi KS


                                          The first month free offer is for new Adobe Stock customers only.


                                          As you previously had a Stock subscription, the offer did not apply and you were therefore charged.


                                          You can cancel via Account Management - see Cancel your Adobe Stock membership or contact support for assistance.





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                                            The "free" trial is a SCAM and such a nightmare. I signed up to explore the "10 free photos" that were announced and when I was exploring I was trying to save some of them "in my library" and all of a sudden I "bought" a license of $500. Typically when I buy something I expect to see a checkout and authorize for the purchase, but in this case it didn't! I didn't even went to the PayPal page to authorize the transaction, Adobe just charged me by clicking the "continue" button.

                                            I spoke with support, and they told me they would escalate the issue. Honestly, I don't believe they will, and I can't afford a mistake of $500 for just exploring the website. I'm so frustrated and dissapointed, this was the last thing I would imagined.


                                            This is a HUGE usability problem, breaking some implementation patterns that I am used to... Other sites always behave as a "checkout" or ask me to accept the terms and conditions before doing a final purchase.


                                            Captura de pantalla 2017-05-23 a la(s) 17.26.14.png

                                            Captura de pantalla 2017-05-23 a la(s) 18.59.45.png