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    Muse feature requests


      Dear Adobe development team. Please consider the following: adding html and css editing panes, and being able to open other html files directly (like Pinegrove). These features, especially being able to edit html and css directly in Muse, will add professional credibility to the program. You will also attract former Freeway users who are looking for an alternative (asap) since SoftPress went out of business. There are many users who have developed existing sites for their clients and don't want to have to recreate them in another program from scratch. I realize you don't want to infringe on your Dreamweaver product, but that one has been losing steam anyway.


      I'd switch over to Muse right away if these features were available now. However, I'm currently leaning towards Pinegrow so I don't have to rebuild my sites.


      Posting here as I can't find where to directly ask the Adobe team.

      Thank you.