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    help on 3rd party plug-in

      i was wondering if adobe flashlite 3.0 can import other media player like realone player or window media player?Could you kindly show me sample code if it can be done thank you.
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          Paul Lamonby Community Member
          Hi fizahnoob,

          You cant 'import' other media players directly into Flash Lite, but if you are using a .3gp video or a .wmv or a .mp3 and the device you are using can support these file types, then Flash Lite will automatically use the associated media player to render the files.

          So for example, if you want to use a .3gp video on a S60 device, all you need to do is add a video object on your stage, then point to the .3gp file to play and the Real Player will be used within Flash Lite to render the video.

          There are a couple of tutorials on using video and sound HERE and HERE.

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            fizahnoob Community Member
            Thank you for your reply. However, i still have a question and that is if I have my own personal video player and I want to use that player to play my videos in flashlite instead of having the pocket PC default player, is it possible? If it is, can you please kindly show us a sample code of how I can do it. Thank you. :)
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              mucatron Community Member
              Hi fizahnoob,

              As Paul said Flash Lite can use the video codecs from other players on the device to display video.

              Any 'personal' video player cannot be supported because of license restrictions and testing.