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    I bought Adobe PremierElements 15 for a month ago from Scandinavian Photo at Gothenburg in Sweden.

    Ug Svensson

      I got some problem when I have to burn my Movie to Blu-Ray. I do not got anything on the disk, tray different way even to burn to DVD

      Write to Adobe in Sweden about that, they may not have any solution. As I understand they send my question to you.

      Now I have got very meny mail form Adobe how I have to go round my problem. I am very thaksfull for that hope yopu may tell them all I have now find the solution.


      Do not know anything about ISO file which I got when i burn to my disc. After lerning from many of your mail I got. Copy my ( empty disc) to my computer, there I find my ready Movie. Than I want to burn from the computer file to a new disc that i can use on a recorder to TV. Even that make problem, could export my computer file

      but burn not exepted to the Blu-ray, tray to install using my dator mouse and that work. I been able to burn my Movie and learn something new about the ISO file.


      Sorry I do not are that good in your language, hope you under stand my story.

      Thanks very much for the many suggestion I receive from you.


      Kind regard,


      Ulf Svensson.