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        To copy, first you need a selection to identify what you want to copy....

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          Mark Levesque Level 1

          I assume this has never been fixed, right?


          How frustrating. Instead of writing my photoshop tutorial for a magazine, I am spending considerable effort trying to make it so I can take screen shots and actually get them to paste into photoshop so I can prepare them for the publication. Somehow I doubt that upgrading to CS6 is going to solve the problem. And I NEED the plugins. They are part of the tutorial.


          I have uninstalled Color Efex 3, and HDR efex. I saw that early on in this thread, someone from Nik had provided a cfg file in a dropbox link. Sadly, that is no longer a valid link. I am up to date with the plugins. And yet I still can't paste screenshots. Ugh


          What a wasted day this has been.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Mark, it's hard to know what specifically needs fixing on your system, so it's hard to say whether "it" has been "fixed".  Some of us never see the problem - so it's clearly not a systemic problem with Photoshop itself. 


            I don't have anything from Nik at all.


            Uninstalling something may not remove all the components it has added.  I don't know if that's the case, but if you really do suspect Nik software you kind of need to make really sure there's nothing left of it stuck in with Photoshop.


            Did you notice, for example, the specific instructions in post 246?



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              GuyJr Level 1

              I believe CS6 did fix the problem.  With CS5 when using the clipboard paste feature I needed to move the NIK software out of the plugins folder before loading Photoshop.  I forgot all about that problem until I saw this post.


              NIK also reworked their software.  Who knows where the problem was . . . no one is 'fessing up.



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                i dont have any problem with JDownloader and any Plugin with Paste function on Photoshop. The only problem is, my new PC with clean Install Win Pro 7 x64 with 10Gbs RAM with NO Plugin and NO Java Installed, NO Junk Startup, CAN NOT PASTE on Photoshop. but Paste working fine on Corel x64 and Freehand except on PHOTOSHOP neither x86 nor x64.







                Okay, the problem solved by activating the hidden administrator with net user and delete the previous administrator user, kind of weird that photoshop can not run properly as administrator user. After 3 hours usage, it comes back hahaha.. so frustrating, now what should i do, because there is no more-powerfull user in this windows haha. It make me sick. I'm using CS6 by the way.

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                  It was so frustrating for me the impossibility to copy and paste, that I solved the problem with the upgrade.
                  Same PC, same Windows 7 x64, same Nik plugins: uninstall CS5 + install CS6 solved the problem

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                    Well, I don't think it's fair at all to say that it isn't a problem with Photoshop just because it can't be recreated at Adobe.  I can copy and paste a few times in Photoshop before it stops working, and when it stops, I still have no problem whatsoever pasting the contents of my clipboard into Outlook, into Word, into anything else really, so clearly there is an issue here.  Personally, I couldn't care less who's "fault" it is, I would just like to find a workaround.  I read this and wanted to see if anyone else had tried it before I go and edit my system registry:


                    Adobe Photoshop is a great piece of software. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s bug-free. Have you ever tried to copy a stock photo for a mock up and nothing happens when you try and paste in Photoshop?

                    This bug seems to be Windows XP and CS4 specific, but essentially what happens is Photoshop only checks the clipboard once while it is open. This can be very frustrating. Don’t fret though, we’ve found a fairly simple way to force Photoshop to import the clipboard each time you use the “Paste” command.


                    1. In Windows, go to Start and then Run.
                    2. Type in “Regedit” without the quotes
                    3. Once in the registry editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe > Photoshop > 11.0
                    4. Right-click on the 11.0 folder and select New > DWORD and name it “AlwaysImportClipboard” without the quotes
                    5. Double click the name and change the Value Data field from 0 to 1
                    6. Restart Photoshop and paste away!
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                      Hudechrome Level 2

                      That's no bug. That's a feature!


                      I dunno what this world is coming to. Give a guy a feature, he calls it a bug and proceeds to show how easy it is to fix!

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                        Photoshop checks the clipboard constantly -- what we found is that sometimes the OS would stop notifying applications of changes to the clipboard, but we were never able to determine why the OS stopped notifying applications of changes.  We wrote it up for Microsoft to investigate, but never heard a resolution from them.

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                          J_lovestolearn Level 1

                          I am able to paste into any other program BUT 64 bit Photoshop. I am loathe to reinstall PSD as 32 bit, and .... is that even possible? I am a dork, and need to use things like Paint for pete's sake to save as another file type to reopen in PSD from which copying and pasting, there, works fine. Such a hassle especially overall, and an impossibility when hoping to copy text for a mockup.

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                            G Briney Level 1

                            See noth girl post on 31 Mar 2013 #267 for a screen shot workaround

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                              J_lovestolearn Level 1

                              I am even able to paste the text I have copied into a Layer properties field, but then not into a text layer, after I have pasted it into the Layers property field. What the...?  I am extremely frustrated. Do I need to copy and paste text into a same size square in Paint then save it as another file type to open and paste into PSD as a graphic for pete's sake?

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                                G Briney Level 1

                                Paste text into the text box -- drag the box out to be large enough to show most of the test, and check to be sure the text font size is set to approximately the right size before pasting to make things easier to see. When you select another layer, the copied  text will show automatically in the properties field.

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                                  J_lovestolearn Level 1

                                  Okay, thank you, and it is exciting as that worked for this text even though it doesn't make sense to me why that should work. Next up, I took a screenshot by ctrl+alt+prnt scr, thinking all would be well again, and of course no, I need to paste in Paint and save a file format to open in PSD. It's just not a normal need, to work around various difficulties constantly due to a bug in a software that cost plenty, without getting a "bug" refund for the ongoing trouble/hassle, IMO. Granted, I use photoshop for tons more, but the inability to use it for the simple things as I have it since 1996, is negative user experience for sure.  :-\

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                                    G Briney Level 1

                                    The noth_girl trick of screen capture by holding down <Prt_Sc>, then pressing and holding <Alt> for a second has always worked for me, even if PS was being balky. By the way, the text sequence makes sense if you're entering text from the keyboard -- you want to see it on screen, and selecting another layer is the equivalent of hitting enter because you're finished with that text entry.

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                                      Burak Demiral

                                      Thank you Sebastian. It works for me. Finally i've found a way out to fix that problem. I'm very happy now. =)

                                      • 296. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue

                                        You're welcome!

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                                          Thanks for the tip on holding Prt Sc and Alt, it still didn't work for me until I used Shift Ctl C for copy and then it worked.  Until then I couldn't copy and paste from ps into ai.  So first, Prt Sc.+Alt, then Shift Ctl. C.  Great!

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                                            nothgirl Level 1

                                            Wow, that's not like, complicated. How did you figure that out?

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                                              boo radley 2013 Level 3

                                              just wanted to add that I've been experiencing the copy/paste problem with Photoshop CS6 all morning. I have none of the plugins installed that have been mentioned in this forum. I have managed to resolve it with a simple fix, but will keep an eye on this issue. I basically shut down Photoshop, then manually restarted it by double-clicking the Photoshop.exe file. For now, the issue is resolved.


                                              The problem seems to have been triggered when I ran a few scripts. The scripts are "copy" and  "paste". These scripts replace the keyboard shortcuts for copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v). Once I ran these scripts, the problem began. But I have been using these scripts for months now with no problems. I use other software running in the background such as AutoHotKey which may have been a factor, but I doubt that since simply restarting Photoshop cleared up the problem.  Infact, it required 2 shutdowns and re-starts of Photoshop before I resolved the issue on my end. I'll continue to report on this should the problem persist.

                                              • 300. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue (Win 7)
                                                jmichae1 Level 1

                                                doesn't work on my cs5 ps-ex. cut,copy,paste doesn't work. win7 sp1 x64, i7-3970x 64GB RAM, plenty hd space.

                                                • 301. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue (Win 7)

                                                  Just to confirm I have the same problem, if I remove the "NIK software" folder from my plugins folder copy/paste works just fine and when I put it back it's broken again. I can still copy from web images and paste into Irfanview so it does seem like a Photoshop problem.


                                                  Win 7 Pro

                                                  PS CS5 12.1 x 64

                                                  • 302. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue (Win 7)

                                                    Just very recently - started having this problem on my design workstation Win7 64bits + Photoshop CS6.. and another workstation using Win7 64bits + Photoshop CC.. I spent 2.5 days making research - and one tip left - that it had to be related with a 'plugin'. After many trials and mistakes - I found the culprit: Dropbox!!! There is a functionality that allows for screen captures to be sent to your DB.. I de-installed and removed ALL references in the regedit + application data folders. TADA!!! Issue resolved. Now upon opening a 'new' document in .psd the clipboard is no longer gray-out.


                                                    I need to test if - reinstalling DB and NOT the 'screenshot' functionality - will allow the clipboard to work in .psd.


                                                    Stay tuned.

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                                                      pasha kianersi

                                                      To solve this problem run your photoshop as Administrator!

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                                                        OHCreative Level 1

                                                        Sorry to open an old thread but I was having this same issue with the current version (90!) of Photoshop, and your solution did work for me, so thank you for taking the time to write it up.

                                                        • 305. Re: Photoshop CS5 Clipboard Issue (Win 7)

                                                          Thanks Very Much,


                                                          Was having this problem on an old computer and this worked perfectly,
                                                            Best to you,


                                                          Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,

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