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    Upgrade to Lightroom 6.7


      I am trying to upgrade from lightroom 5.4 to lightroom 6.7 and I seem to be getting into an endless circle.

      I do the download of lightroom 6.7 and run the install program.\

      The install program then comes back and says it cannot do it as it cannot find Adobe Application manager.

      I then on the lick provided to I gather get to a location where I can down load the Adobe application manage.

      I then get an error message telling me this location is no longer available.

      SO I then go and look for latest version of Adobe application manager which I seem to find - looks like version 10, and then I down load that.

      I then go back to try and install light room 6.7 from the down load I already have and whalla , up comes the error message again that I cannot find Adobe Application Manager.

      I am stumped and cannot seem to get out of this endless loop.

      any suggestions would be warmly accepted.


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just as a point of clarification, have you purchased Lightroom 6? Lightroom 6 must be purchased. You download and install the initial installation and then you can update it to Lightroom 6 .7. Here is the link to the downloader:

          Install Photoshop Lightroom

          But Lightroom 6 does have to be purchased.

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            A+R Level 1

            yes I formal licences for lightroom 3 4 5 and 6. some of them are upgrades. but all are purchased copies registered with adobe

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As I indicated in my previous message, you need to download and run the initial Lightroom 6 installer.  After you have run that installer you can then update the program to Lightroom 6 .7.  The link to that installer is in my previous message.

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                A+R Level 1

                arrh this may be the issue - I was unware that that was the process -  I have been going to the adobe 6.7 down load and trying to down load that file as if it was complete. I will give that a go many thanks for your constructive response - Al

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                  A+R Level 1

                  Hmm tried the suggested fix of down loading Light room . there are several version to try - I tried down load version 6.0.1 size 15mbs, and received the same issue as above.

                  I then tried the down load of lightroom 6.1 size 181 megabytes and this look ed a little more realsistic. this time it did go thru the install steps and took some time. then it came back with the error message ""We have encountered the following problem. Installer failed to initialise. Please down load Adobe Support Advisor to detect the Problem.

                  OK so I then I clicked on this link and then I get the following message

                  Support advisor has been replaced with improved installation support mechansims. Please advise Adobe support section for adbobe knowledge base .......

                  So I still seem to be in and endl less loop

                  I am running windows 10 on high end syste,

                  Also looked at what apps have been installed as far as windows knows and it tells me no lightroom products have made it to this list.

                  So still looking for suggestions


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                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                    At first, you are installing the trial version of Lightroom. Look here if this helps: How to convert a Lightroom CC trial to Lightroom 6

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                      dj_paige Level 10

                      You need to download the Lightroom 6 application installer and install from that file.


                      Install Photoshop Lightroom - Mozilla Firefox_2016-11-29_08-25-05.jpg

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                        A+R Level 1

                        thanks guys for the constructive feedback.

                        however still struggleing - nothing seems to gel and work.

                        Note I am already a lightroom 5.4 user - have been using this version for quite some time.

                        Purchased Lightroom ver 6 June 2015 - but was challenged by some questions which made me feel uncomfortable - like the Adobe Application Manager etc. Hence I did not install this version. But at the time I did down load the install package. ""lightroon_6_LS11" which was of the order of 761.8 megs. have tried to load this s/w again and it seems to extract the files ready to install, the installer starts up, I get the message the Installer 6.0 is Initiailising - then I get the error message - 'failed ti initialise. Please down load Adobe Suppoirt Advisor to detect problem' - I do this and get the error message - Support advisor has been discontinued.

                        So this initial down load of 6.0 did not work -- stumped again

                        Specifically to advice given above

                        Abambo  - I looked at the documention on converting cc to standalone and to me it looks like you have to purchase a copy of cc as per the dialog in the script to get a serial number. I am hesitant to do that as I already have a valid serial number and have already purchased the product. Is there a way of shortcutting this script so as I do not need to go thru the purchase part of this script

                        dj_paige - it looks like the image you posted on the thread above is a screen snapshop and I cannot find any definitive link in the adobe image bank that relates to this. I have found a few but they only provide me with upgrade versions of lightroom to something that is already installed.


                        So team - I am still stumped - happy to try rationale things from your guidance

                        your support has been amazing to date.


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                          A+R Level 1

                          high to support team - have been doing a little bit of research and have found out the solution to my problem.

                          If execute the unstall of Lightroom 6.1 buy double clicking on he install file - namely ""lightroon_6_LS11" which was of the order of 761.8 megs, this then extracts all of the files and asks you with 2 x tick boxes ; 1 - do you want to install, or 2 - view where the file was stored.

                          To date I have been opting for option 1. to install the program. However decided to look at where it was installed and execute the program directly by opening the "setup" program. Now there are two ways to do this. right click on this app and there are two ways to open it, 1. is a straight open and execute, the 2. second is open and execute in admin mode.

                          If opt for option 1. then it will fall over with errors as described above.

                          If open in admin mode it works, and the down load will take place.

                          A subtly that I have not seen documented any where.

                          Many thanks for leading me in the right direction.


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                            A+R Level 1

                            However my next challenge is linking lightroom to photoshop.

                            If I select an image in lightroom and right click on it to say I want to edit this image in photoshop, then the photoshop option in the 'Edit In' option is greyed out. Photo shop works in its own right, and lightroom works in its own right, but there seems to be no connection between the two. this has to be an easy fix , but dam, I cannot seem to find the option to link the two together.

                            note the photoshop version installed is a 32bit version found in C\programs(86). not in the 64 bit area. now this is another issue I have to fix - but first would like to get lightroom and photoshop linked together.

                            Any hints ot tips on this one


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                              Sorry for multiple posts - but should I post a new thread for this next issue??

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                                John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                                One issue per thread gets the best response and avoids confusion and overlapping discussions in the same thread.