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    Convert entire project to new frame rate?

    JOHN MONDO Level 2

      I have a graphics only project (no video) with lots of comps and pre-comps, several layers deep. I created the project for a 23.976P series of masters but now where going earlier and those projects were all shot at 50i.


      So I can go in manually and change the frame rate but which way around and does that have any impact? ie if I change a precomp first to 25 won't that affect the speed in any subsequent comps that depend on it and will that automatically correct once I change the frame rate in the master comp. And of course vica versa? As everything is based on Illustrator and text graphics video speed is not an issue.


      Or is there an easier way that I'm missing?

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          JOHN MONDO Level 2

          I'm going to answer my own question. I used a script from redefinery rd_compsetter (which I already had installed0 which automatically adjusts various comp settings for selected master comps and any nested pre-comps.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            There is no need to "correct" anything. AE is based on genuine time math and setting a different FPS in a parent comp will sample all sub-comps at the same framerate. There is no requirement to change anything in the sub-comps unless you run into issues with e.g. motion blur due to the different shutter duration. Conversely, changing the framerate of a pre-comp without adjusting the parent comp would achieve nothing. The point is not so much to change the framerates of all comps - which of course you can still do - but rather to set the FPS at the right positions in the processing chain, i.e. the parent comps actually used for rendering or even the render settings. Depending on how complex your stuff is and how many comps you have, scripts can help to adjust these things, naturally, but on an abstract idealistic level they should not be required in your scenario.



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              Dave LaRonde Level 7

              The live-action footage is the only sticking point.  Going from 25 to 23.976 fps can get messy.


              If you don't mind the subjects in the video moving in tiny fits & starts every so often, Mylenium's solution is the easiest & most straightforward by far.  You can try it on some existing comps to see what you think.  Make sure there's good motion in the live action clips so you can make a good judgement.