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    LR 6.6 Stand alone Question not CC

    Seabreezeof Level 1

      I just received a Canon 5DIV, LR does not recognize files, so I presume I need to update . The question I have is, when I go to help to update it says update available for CC2015  The problem is I have LR 2016 LR 6.6 standalone not CC presently running . Will updating CC2015 update my 2016 LR6.6, to the current version. or do I have to do something different in order to update to latest version of stand alone LR 2016


      In earlier versions of stand alone LR before CC, you would get a message when you open LR to click to upgrade to current version when it became available. Very simple, now its so complex for stand alone versions of LR.


      When I go to chat with someone from Adobe support, it automatically send you to this forum. Is there a short cut to get to chat and discuss your problem with adobe support


      Adobe makes it so difficult


      Thanks for your time