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    adobe stock is too darn expensive

    Tropical Fool Level 1

      I have no incentive whatsoever to use Adobe Stock -- it's overpriced compared to alternatives & I already pay Adobe a hefty fee every month… This is not a benefit, just an attempt to pull $$$ from the other stock sites.


      How about 5-10 images free per month, then a (more reasonable) charge for additional images -- say about half of the current fees?


      That would give me a reason to use the service & actually be a benefit to me. !

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Please make the best use from Adobe Stock Help | Common Questions




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            tljones77 Level 1

            I agree about the cost. I have a subscription to another stock image site and I am paying 69.00 a month but it gives me the ability to download, and use, 10 images A DAY, not a month. !0 images a month is not a lot at all.

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              Completely agree.  It would be worth it at 10 images a day.  10 a month is crazy.

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                They bought fotolia, so I thought the price would at least be similar or even better for people with Cloud subscription.

                We're only buying pictures once in a while so a monthly plan, even with rollover option doesn't make sense and why would I pay $9.99!!! for a single picture
                when I can go to fotolia, buy some credits that I can use over a period of at least 12 months and buy the picture for less than $2??

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                  Jeff_Know1 Level 3

                  If not enough people sign up they can always lower the cost later.

                  If they start too low however, and then start to raise the cost... people will drop out and might actually rethink renting their software altogether.


                  This is just testing the waters to see how much customers are willing to endure. Luckily there are enough alternatives for getting stock photos so there is no need to get Adobe Stock.

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                    WebNuts Level 1

                    Looks like they are in line with shutterstock annual price plan. They seem to be cheaper per image though with Shutterstock charging £64 for 10 downloads! As a subscriber of Shutterstock annual price plan this isn't enough to make me want to move although I really like the idea of being able to search Adobe stock and store into your library straight from Photoshop. Great idea, but the offer for Adobe CC subscribers is limited and doesn't seem to offer an option for teams.

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                      Humidity Web Design Level 1

                      $99 for one 12 second clip... that is absolutely ridiculous. CC members already pay enough.

                      Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.06.54 PM.png

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                        leew49972274 Level 1

                        I agree, they are too expensive and I don't plan to use them. They bought out dollar photo and then jacked up the prices.

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                          Alperian Level 1

                          Agree with OP. I live in the UK and so the price doesn't even include the 20% tax.


                          I have just had a look at Shutterstock and I can see that although the price for an image is greater, they are not locking you in to a monthly fee. If you pay a monthly fee you can get much cheaper.


                          I use CanstockPhoto. If Adobe could get anywhere near that I would defect.

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                            RaybanM Level 1

                            Completely agree,  Adobe product is nice because of the integration, but its too expensive at the entry level and the cost of the video clips is simply embarrassing for the small outfits or one person creative. Get real please, wake up and swap a double Red Bull for your decaff coffee Adobe. Cmon!

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                              leew49972274 Level 1

                              Another reasonable source is 123rf.com. The have a plan for just about anyone from the casual user to "several images a day" user.

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                                Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Adobe Stock really isn't meant for the casual user. There are tons of other sites for that. It is meant for the creatives the use Adobe Products primarily. The integration directly with Adobe products is the true value in my opinion. The image pricing is very much on par with the major sites. Yes in some sites you can buy credits but when all said and done if you require the full high res image instead of a lower dpi image the Adobe Stock is actually less expensive. I think Adobe is bang on with the images. Especially since a very large majority of Photographers already use Photoshop and Lightroom the number of quality images that will be found only on Stock will be very high.


                                Having said that, the Adobe Stock site is simply the worst user interface ever and I agree 100% that the video prices are just ridiculous. Most of the exact same videos are available on videoblocks.com for $99/year.

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                                  KempWrites Level 1

                                  Same footage appears across multiple stock sites. The $89 per clip pricing on top of my subscription is a great incentive for me to shoot my own b-roll.

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                                    Alperian Level 1

                                    Absolutely spot on Brad Lawryk .


                                    If they are aiming at the high-end customer though, then the offer of 10 free images (at time of this writing) for signing up is paltry at best. Marketing needs to buck up.

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                                      RaybanM Level 1

                                      I absolutely accept that you must as an employee tow the Company mantra... but for the record.. no.. I dont buy it. the price is excessive.. I am a pro and even I refuse to use it. Get real.. Someone in senior management needs to bit the bullet and slash the nonsense.  Price elasticity of demand is so high if you offered some video assets for free with a handful of free images per month with a smaller standard use subscription, you would quadrupole your income ... but you wont... so therefore you as employee cant... and afraid of your position best you'll do is log your replies instead of taking up the cause for users because ... yes.. youre just an employee with very low entrepreneurial drive aligned with your customers. Thats the damned truth.   in the long run it breed user mistrust. In the long run it'll hurt Adobe.. but in the short term. it looks great because of the subscription model adoption. Good luck finding new customers from smaller venues in a few years time... they will grow elsewhere as other competing players improve and offer the same tools approximately for far less.

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                                        RaybanM Level 1

                                        Who marked this as the "correct answer"?you have only one like... So now Adobe sets what is the best answer... not the users? lol..

                                        Adobe formely 8/10... now demoted to 7.4/10

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                                          leew49972274 Level 1

                                          I guess everyone finds their price point Brad... but I really miss the great pricing at Dollar Photo prior to Adobe acquiring it. I don't usually require really hi-res images so the cheaper images work well. I don't care about integration because it's just an image file or vector. If I worked for a company that had a huge budget perhaps I wouldn't notice, but working for a smaller outfit that is very cost conscious means that I simply cannot justify the pricing and I just feel that Adobe could benefit from having a price structure that looked after a broader range of client needs. Until then, I will need to search out alternatives that fit better with my company's budget.


                                          I also feel that Adobe should be more than bang-on with pricing. There should be an advantage to being a CC monthly paying customer, a big one. I don't know how the whole image-sale-thing is working out for Adobe, perhaps it's going great and they see no need to cater to smaller clients??? If that's the case then I certainly can't fault them for the direction chosen but I cannot see it working for myself.



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                                            ubishere Level 1

                                            Adobe, it was great when I could buy a single image at a time.


                                            Why the hell did you change this? The invoices were automatically created, so why lose thousands of dollars in sales because you insist on purchase plans and ridiculous costs for credit packs which can't be used to purchase standard images.


                                            You are seriously annoying your customer base and your monopoly on creative software and services will hopefully end soon.

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                                              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                                              Hi ubishere


                                              I understand you're upset by this change, but please note that you can use credit packs to purchase standard images:


                                              Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


                                              Credits last for one year from purchase
                                              They don't auto-renew – just buy more when you need them.
                                              Standard images, 3D, and templates are 1 credit each





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                                                myAd0be Level 1

                                                Deb, upset? ... as a professional I can categorically confirm that I now HATE Adobe!


                                                The failure of Muse, Catalyst and Adobe Stock have forced many of us to understand how Adobe is extremely desperate to make money and completely disregard it's subscribers. There is ZERO respect for the end user at a time when Adobe is making the most money ever.


                                                I HATE ADOBE! (Correct Answer)

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                                                  I am a professional creative and I disagree that other cheaper sites are not up to par for the job as the 'correct answer' says.

                                                  Maybe the high-res stuff is better (although the high price make one look back at Getty) but for anything else, this is just the biggest waste of my time (other than venting on here!)


                                                  Abobe - you swallowed up Fotolia, grabbed my remaining credit, deleted my 'already downloaded' library and jacked the prices up. Good luck with that because I simply can't justify the extra cost and so I'm going to join the throng who won't be using your library.