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    Is this a bug in the thermometer object?

    John Frederick Chionglo Level 1

      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI running Version 11.0.18 under Windows 10.


      1. A user opens a PDF document. The document has a long-running process executing. The process

      (written in JavaScript) uses app.setInterval and the thermometer object. In the meantime, the

      user opens another PDF document. When the user closes the other PDF document, the process

      in the document with a long-running process stops and reports the following in the console:


           DeadObjectError: Object is dead.

           Thermometer.end:50:Doc undefined:Exec


      I simulated the long-running process using a test PDF document and it reports a similar

      behaviour. Is this a bug?


      I can uploaded a test document that simulates the long-running process if anyone is interested.


      2. I noticed that the thermometer gui is covered when the panel on the right is opened. It would

      be nice if the thermometer gui can be moved around by the user.


      3. I also noticed that when the thermometer is long the exit button is sometimes missing. I don’t

      have a test case that can consistently demonstrate this “feature” or “bug”.