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    LR freezes




      I'm using a mac computer



      LR worked well before I decided to update it.

      After update LR freezes when I 'm deleting rejected photos.

      So far this is a problem i have.

      I'd like get rid of that update.

      Help needed for the issue with the program.






      Model Name: MacBook

      Model Name: MacBoo

        Model Identifier: Mac

        L2 Cache (p

        L3 Cache: 6 MB

        Memory: 16 GB

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          dj_paige Level 10

          What version NUMBER of Lightroom did you update to? (Please go to Help->System Info and report the exact version number of Lightroom that you have)


          What version of Lightroom did you have before?

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            pekkak25176760 Level 1

            I use Lightroom CC program.

            I don't know what was exact version number.

            I checked number now and it is 2015.8 CC

            I also try to remove rejected files and once it freezes and i have to stop the program and start it again.