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    Liquid - Display list of results minus duplicates

    kimt15500961 Level 1



      I have a string field called Industry where people will be entering in their Industries. e.g. Agriculture, Manufacturing, IT, Landscaping etc.


      I would like to output this data using liquid however, I want to place it into an Web App Search form within a dropdown menu so users can search for the particular field. Therefore I would not like to add any items that are duplicates.


      E.g. entries from users include: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Agriculture, IT, Landscaping, Agriculture - you can see Agriculture is used 3 times. If i use the below it will be listed 3 times:



      {module_webapps id="12345" collection="industry" filter="all" template=""}
      {% for item in industry.items %}

           <option value="{{item.industry}}">{{item.industry}}</option>

      {% endfor %}



      How do I use a loop or an array to only display the industry once and hide all other duplicates?